mnsshp 2019

  1. Newsies

    Newsies' Pumpkin-Spiced Trip Report! - Our MNSSHP, MM August '19 Adventure! *DR link 1/27*

    Hi, I'm Kaitlyn, and I'll be the first to admit I have a problem. A pumpkin problem. I can't get enough of them! Jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin cookies, and more than anything: pumpkin spice lattes! This basic witch is ready for fall to...
  2. Carrie Cox

    Fireworks Halloween party nights

    Are the regularly scheduled WDW fireworks, a Halloween theme during MNSSHP nights?
  3. sk8jdgca

    Disney After Dark AK or MNsSHP?

    So we are doing a non Disney vacation Aug 20-28. We are doing Discovery Cove on the 26th. My kids are 16 and 20. Our favourite park is AK. While we are in Orlando, the following are happening Aug 26th DAD AK $125 ( 7pm to midnight) Aug 27th MNSSHP $79 (4 pm to midnight) Anyone know how many...
  4. C

    First trip back for a while, couple questions/advice seeking, Galaxys edge opnions

    First time posting on here. I have been to Disney my whole life but with recent years my anxiety has gotten alot worse and this trip is going to be a big one with its going to be celebrating my birthday the first day we go to the parks as well as my first big trip being a man ( i'm female to...
  5. Newsies

    Our Grandest Trip Ever... Literally! - August 2019 PTR *TR LINK POSTED 8/25*

    Skip the coffee/tea I normally tell you to grab before joining my PTR/TR. This trip is coming along so well already that I popped some champagne for everyone! I promised myself I wouldn't jump the gun on this PTR and post it before I was finished with my November 2019 TR... but planning this...