1. R

    Footage used on WDW vacation planning videos

    When I watched various WDW vacation planning videos online, I noticed that the vacation planning videos consist of narration, recorded footage and archival footage from the ride (like Kilimanjaro Safaris). Recent Walt Disney World vacation planning videos have the old footage of rides (like...
  2. W

    WDW for a DLR native

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong thread- I'm not really sure where to put this one! Move it if you need to! I personally have been to DLR more times than I can honestly count. But I have NEVER been to WDW. Binge watching the Imagineering Story on Disney+ got me excited about WDW! To entertain...
  3. R

    Disneyland Tips for WDW Experts

    My family and I are heading to Disneyland in September this year for the first time and are currently deep into guidebooks and vlogs and all of that kind of thing, but as veterans of Walt Disney World, we already know (and regularly do) many of the things that are advised in the books. I figured...
  4. M

    Help with Disney schedule

    Okay so me my husband our 4 year old and by the 1 year old are going to Disney in September. Since this Is actually a second vacation of the year we’re trying to keep it simple or sorta simple. Were going 5 full days. Our plan is to do 2 parks mk and hs. Halloween party and 1 and half days...
  5. mickey765

    Chances on getting following Fastpasses 30 days out?

    Party of 4 in March 2020 around Spring Break. Want afternoon times, so like 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4. (but potentially move them up during the day) Will I be able to get PP for at 1pm 30 days out? How about Space at 3?
  6. mickey765

    Need Help with One Afternoon at MK

    In March 2020, we are doing a one day excursion to Disney World with RC. Many people say it isn't worth it but my family has been to Disney World before and we would like to get a little bit of time there. It is worth it for us. So we have from around 1:30 to 7:30 at the parks. We first wanted...
  7. A

    3-4 weeks at Disney World Planning!

    Hi all, My fiance and I have decided we want to spend out honeymoon at Disney World. We want to spend an extended amount of time there, so we can really just relax and do EVERYTHING we always wish we did multiple times, or the things we always miss out on. What is the best way to book this? The...
  8. M

    Rest day in middle of trip and park on departure or rest on departure?

    I’m headed to Disney world in December 12th-17th. We have 4 park hoppers and Christmas party to plan. Our flight will be at Departing at 935 pm. I’m trying to figure out if I should take a rest day the 14th and go to park on departure day. We will have 2 children with us as well. What do you...
  9. D

    9 days left to go and I'm getting burnout

    We've been planning our trip for about 8 months. It's just me and DH. I did my research and got a notebook to keep everything in. I bought airline tickets early. I did my ADRs and FP+s on time. I ordered new luggage and a few other things needed (although I seem to keep thinking of things, and a...
  10. E

    HHN - suitable for kids?

    Planning a big family holiday next year, which will include my 10-year-old nephew. Will HHN be suitable for him? I've watched walk through vids etc and the houses never actually seem that scary, but I guess it's different to actually being there. The rest of the group are 25>. I'm not too...
  11. S

    Who to book with? Travel agents/independent? Which sites?

    So I'm hoping to book to go to Disney World in 2020 for the first time, and a solo visit! It'll probably be late Oct - early November, for two weeks, to get in Halloween and Christmas, and possibly the parties. (Unless anyone has any better suggestions of when to go?! I really want to see...
  12. C

    First trip back for a while, couple questions/advice seeking, Galaxys edge opnions

    First time posting on here. I have been to Disney my whole life but with recent years my anxiety has gotten alot worse and this trip is going to be a big one with its going to be celebrating my birthday the first day we go to the parks as well as my first big trip being a man ( i'm female to...
  13. C

    Planning help and when to schedule reservations

    I am in the midst of planning our family’s first Disneyland trip (DH and I went as kids, but not since then), and would love some thoughts about the advanced bookings. This is likely to be our only Disney trip, or at least until our kids (DD6 and DS10) are well into their teens. We will be...
  14. mummahustle

    Disney in 1 day

    Hello! My husband and I will be in Orlando at a conference the last week in Feb. We (I :-p) are planning to sneak away for one day at WDW. I have been 2 times in the past 3 years( and 2 or 3 times as a child), but this will be the only time we will not have the littles with us. At last visit we...
  15. MinnieMommyof2

    Suggestions for narrowing down my ADRs

    Hello Disney Pals! I am struggling with which ADR's to nix and which ones to keep for our upcoming FIRST trip to WDW in November. We are staying from Saturday - Friday and are on the Disney Dining Plan. If I'm calculating correct, we have 6 TS credits, 6 QS credits and 12 snack credits per...
  16. Roxyfire

    ***Official June 2019***

    Welcome and we're back baby! It's time to talk about June 2019! We had such a great thread for '18 so let's get rolling again! This is the place to talk all things June (and ok late May and early July too, we don't discriminate!). Ask questions, post your dining and tour plans, get to know your...
  17. MantaRider

    Dad Gear

    Hello fellow Dads, I'm looking for some recommendations on gear and thought I'd start a general thread to discuss what we take to the parks with us. To be more specific, I'm looking for a backpack. I have a Columbia bag that I got several years ago that is currently relegated to work use...
  18. Disnerdette

    When You DONT Need a 7DMT FP - Help me plan a long weekend trip!

    I’m a longtime Disney vet and naturally a plan-everything-in-advance kinda gal. DB and I are planning a long weekend trip for somewhere between early November to late January. (FWIW, I’ve run Wine & Dine, done MK at Christmas, and marathon weekend 4 times, so I already know these are busy months...
  19. R

    Best days to visit each park?!

    Hey all! We're going to Disney World in September 2018, and are just planning our days out. What are the queues like from September 1st to September 7th in the parks (looking for a veteran's input here!) And does this seem like a good itinerary? Saturday 1st Sept - Land in Orlando 15:35...
  20. BriLovesDisney

    The Tassel was Worth the Disney Trip! A DEC. 2018 PTR

    Greetings fellow DIS-ers! We are officially in planning mode for our next Disney trip and I can't wait! When: Dec. 11-19 Where: Disney's Grand Floridian Resort lagoon view(subject to change) Why: College Graduation Trip! We're already in planning mode for dining-because Disney food is the...