rivieria resort

  1. twinkles777

    BCV or Riviera?

    Hello! I have a trip planned for the end of the month with my parents. We wanted to get away from the cold for a bit and decided to go with Disney. Currently, we have reservations for a 2 bedroom villa preferred view at Riviera. We did stay there last year in a one bedroom with an adjoining...
  2. S

    Welcome Home Split Stay - 4 Resorts!

    We have our very first stay as DVC members coming up in just 8 days! Our kids still don't know we're going or that we are DVC members (they listen to the podcast with me and will be out of their minds when they find out). We're doing a 4 resort split stay: 2 nights @ Poly (studio, actually have...
  3. Z

    Help me please! Hotel Expertise needed!

    Hello! I am planning a trip to Disney World, and need some hotel advice. We have stayed at the following hotels: 1) Port Orleans (hated it-felt it was really run down) 2) Animal Kingdom Lodge (Okay, but far away) 3) Grand Floridian (Okay-expected to be wowed, but really hated the separate...
  4. A

    Renting out Riviera points...

    I’ve heard about the restrictions regarding buying Riviera points directly through Disney and reselling them later. Anyone who buys the resale points can only use the points at the Riveira resort and no where else. Has anyone heard if this restriction applies to if you own at the Riviera and...
  5. L

    Riviera Direct

    Would any of you be tempted to purchase Riviera direct? $25 off per point for 200 pts or more. It amounts to not much more than the SSR contract I was looking at direct. I’ve been pretty certain I would stay away from RIV but the rooms look beautiful in the videos I’ve seen. I know I would...
  6. G

    Is Buying into DVC While You're Young a Good Investment?

    Hi All! My fiance and I just returned from our first Disney vacation together (his first, not mine) and we went on a DVC tour at the Riviera resort. He has since become a "Disney person" and we have been seriously considering buying in to DVC while the points are in a decent price point. We...
  7. sarahothomas

    Riviera Resort - Storage in Standard Studio

    Hello - can anyone give me some insight into the storage situation in a Standard Studio at Riviera? We would be a party of 2, staying for 7-8 days. There doesn't seem to be a lot of storage space (drawrs, cubbies, etc) but maybe I'm missing something. Also just general review of the room would...
  8. S

    Caribbean Beach or Riviera Resort

    Hello! I’m planning my trip for summer of 2020 and need some opinions. We are doing a nine night split stay. As of now we are doing 5 nights at Caribbean Beach then 4 nights at Poly renting vacation club points. We are debating whether or not it’s worth it to upgrade to Riviera instead of...
  9. Wakey

    Riviera 50 pointer cleared ROFR at $121

    As reported by a new owner on DVC Fan Facebook, picked up a RIV 50 pointer for only $121. An SSR 50 pointer will go for similar money. It is looking increasingly like once we see plenty of larger RIV contracts on the market, we will be looking at $100ish a point or maybe a bit less?
  10. Thomasboys

    Skyliner at CBR - Does a preferred room still make sense?

    We stayed at a preferred room at CBR in March of this year and have just booked for March 2020 with another preferred room at CBR. We loved the preferred room because of the close proximity to Centertown Market, the main food area, and because Martinique (where we stayed) was the first bus stop...