1. pkrieger2287

    December 2020 Right of First Refusal Report (ROFR)

    Check out the December 2020 Right of First Refusal Report (ROFR) from our sponsors over at DVC Resale Market!
  2. R

    Paying Balance with Mason Title from UK

    Hey guys, Wondered if anybody had experience/best way to send closing fees ($9400 for me) with Mason Title company? bank with first direct so was just going to use them to send it, but I’ve heard transferwise are good or revolut? I’ve heard different title companies accept different closing...
  3. Wakey

    Riviera 50 pointer cleared ROFR at $121

    As reported by a new owner on DVC Fan Facebook, picked up a RIV 50 pointer for only $121. An SSR 50 pointer will go for similar money. It is looking increasingly like once we see plenty of larger RIV contracts on the market, we will be looking at $100ish a point or maybe a bit less?