solo at walt disney world

  1. F

    Local newbie - Solo

    Hey guys! I live in the Tampa Bay area, and I've never been to DW. Decided to get me an AP and start going often. Sadly, none of my friends or family share the same interest in theme park. I was thinking about going this Friday/Saturday and every other week. Would anyone be interested in teaming...
  2. E


    I am Elizabeth. I am new here to this site. I love all things Disney and I am going on my first solo trip in January. I hope see some of you then :)
  3. S

    Solo Travelers Find Company!

    Yes it’s a lot of fun to explore the world Solo but .. it can be little more with good company! I am visiting Disney world by myself from Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2019. Please reply if you would like to join or can open your group for me to join :) Feel free to comment or start your own quest...
  4. C

    First trip back for a while, couple questions/advice seeking, Galaxys edge opnions

    First time posting on here. I have been to Disney my whole life but with recent years my anxiety has gotten alot worse and this trip is going to be a big one with its going to be celebrating my birthday the first day we go to the parks as well as my first big trip being a man ( i'm female to...
  5. D

    First solo trip, HELP!!

    This is my first time posting on the boards, but I need some advice! I’m taking my first solo trip in March to the world, and I’m not sure where to stay. Right now, I’m booked at Poly, but I’m thinking about switching to a Bay Lake view at the Contemporary as it would complete my hotel journey...
  6. TexanInTheMidwest

    A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - A Solo Trip RE-DO (Dec. 2019) - and a Big Family Trip (Jan 2020) (Pre-Trip) Report (updated 11/03/19)

    NOTE: Rather than delete and start all over again, I am just adding to the same trip report with all the new info. How to begin to tell the story... I guess as all stories begin: Once upon a time....there was a girl who loved all things Disney. As a little girl, she loved all things Disney...
  7. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: Adults Traveling to Walt Disney World Without Kids | 03/11/19

    In this episode, the panel discusses the experience of traveling to Walt Disney World as adults without kids from a parent's perspective (and from adults without children)! Also, stop by our Visiting Solo page for more information on traveling as adults with no kiddos!