2 Year Old on Dining Plan


Jun 30, 2003

I posted this on the DDP board, but think it needs to go here. I just tryed called DVC Member Services but there are closed, so I thought I would check with the experts on the DIS boards. We are renting points for our trip in September and have already requested the DDP for hubby and I. We are paying because we are staying at DVC. However, since my son pirate: is a hearty eater and we would be paying out of pocket anyway, it would be easier to purchase dining plan for him. Can I do that? I think that having a ticket for him is not needed as we are not on a package. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks!
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and Natalie, too!
Feb 1, 2006
We just returned from a trip last week. DH and I were on the plan and I asked if it would be possible to add DS (16 mos)- mainly for convenience but I'm sure we would have broken even. It was not possible. From reading the DDP board, it sounds like many people are dishonest regarding children's credits on the plan. It makes sense that they wouldn't let us purchase the plan for a little one who can still share a plate for free...

This was our first time using the plan and we love, love, loved it! :thumbsup2