Anyone else counting the days until they send their kid to college?

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Jan 4, 2001

I am encouraging the kids to live at home and commute!
While I understand that you still should have your child apply elsewhere if you think that they can get some scholarship money or they have the major your child wants.

My dd got scholarships at a college 3hrs away, so she is going there. She took a lot of AP classes that she knew would be accepted as credit and is going in with 27hrs. This gives her an advantage since she can double major in english/communications with a minor in film studies.


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Apr 13, 2012
My sons friend who went to the same college as him last year changed his major. His parents are making him live at home this upcoming school year and go to the local 4 year college because they have the major there to save money. It's supposed to be a decent college - just not the one he wants.

He is extremely upset about it and is working part time to save money for it and trying to get scholarships for his chosen college.
Good. Was he his motivated during high school?

So keep in mind your kids may not want to live at home and commute.
Another bummer.

Mine would go crazy with that option and so would I. LOL
I do what I can for my kids, and if sending him away to college isn't in my budget then it isn't in my budget. Four years of room & board is what, $40,000? Thats a lot of money.


Jun 29, 2005
I have something I say often to anyone that asks these days..
"Some days I think I will cry when we drop her off. Other days I am pretty sure we're just going to slow the car down enough that she doesn't get hurt when we push her out and drive away."
LOL...I'm with pigletto, having mixed feelings. I'm pretty sure I will be sad when she's gone, but living with her the past few months has been a tough pill to swallow. :P


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Jul 14, 2019
Child is a rising senior and l am looking forward to COLLEGE.

Oh my stress levels, my sanity!!!

Just hope she gets into the right fit college, has a wonderful experience away from home.

I will need to recuperate from the ongoing lack of peace. She even ruins vacations. Maybe we should just stay home until she leaves.

Will save money & frustrations too..
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