Beatty and other resales- how long to close?


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Jan 14, 2001
In previous posts there were many recent resale purchases from Jaki at A timeshare. How long did it take you to close? She said they might be able to get this done in a couple weeks. What was your experience? How soon were you able to make ressies? As you can tell I'm anxious to get started!Thanks to all!


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Aug 19, 1999
We bought one from her a while back. Time from agreeing to purchase to closing was about 28 days, and usable two days later.


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Nov 14, 2000
exactly one month to close. Simple and no problems. Actually, it was tooooooo easy :cool:

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Mar 21, 2000
We bought from Jaki at A Timeshare Broker and she closed our deal in less than 4 weeks and one of those weeks was Christmas week so you know not much happens that week. The have an excellent and well know law firm that handles the title and closing, Holland & Knight.

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Jan 5, 2001
We just bought from Jaki at A timeshare. (OKW, 330 points, with 330 banked, at $59/pt) Made the offer 2 weeks ago and are closing tomorrow!!


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Jan 9, 2000
we didn't purchase from jaki but did the Timeshare Store our settlement is in 5 weeks. the reason for the the long settlement is because the present owners have ressies the first week of March. It was a resale and we didn't need the points immediately so it isn't a big deal.

But our sales person did tell us that it usually takes 3-4 weeks. :D

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