Earning My Ears
Dec 19, 2000
I would like to know the history of the points at BWV. It seems from a few post I read when BWV first opened there was only prefered view points? I really don't know, just a few things I have read lead me to believe that. If that is the case how did you get DVC to change the points to a two-tier system?


I went to Iowa once, and it was closed.
Aug 19, 1999
When BWV opened in July (or was it August?)1996, there were only point values for what is now called "preferred" view (they did not call it any view at the time). Many complained when they got front entrance and parking lot views. DVD then made the change (I believe it was in early to mid 1997 but my memory may be bad)providing for the lower point "standard" view. This change was brought about by Disney's redoing its entire submissions for approval of the timeshare. Thus, it did not follow the rule that point values applicable to a unit for a year cannot be changed. It was allowed because it was advantageous to owners and there was no adverse impact on owners' rights.