Caculating first day to book Fast Passes question

Friendly Frog

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Jul 31, 2005
If I am arriving on the 1st, and I have tickets that the first use date is on the 1st, but I do not plan on going to a park untill the 2nd, is the first date I can book fastpasses based on the 1st, or do I have to base it on the 2nd?


DIS Veteran
Sep 16, 2014
If you're staying on property--yes, it's 60 days based on your check-in date. Otherwise it's 30 days based on the first day your ticket is valid. Sounds like it'd be based on the 1st either way!

Did you get one of those "your vacation starts now" (or whatever it is) booklets from Disney after you booked your stay? If so, the last page lists the dates that are relevant to your upcoming trip (when you can start booking ADRs, when you can book FP+, etc.). You can calculate it all on your own, of course, but I liked having something "official" to verify that I'd gotten it right.