Covid And The Rest of Us


Aug 3, 2004
And Manitoba is back in a hard lockdown…

Most businesses are closed for delivery or curb side pickup only. Anything open has a 10% capacity guideline. Movie theatres and casinos, that type of thing have been closed for pretty much a year now.

This is in effect until at least May 30.

Schools remain open although most people want them closed to online learning only. We have started to see transmission numbers rising in schools. My niece and nephew are in the middle of an isolation because there were cases at their school, but luckily they aren’t considered close contacts.

My BIL is full on crazy for coco puffs on anti masking and anti vaxxer and believes the virus is part of a worldwide conspiracy. I want to rip him but it wouldn’t make a lick of difference. So, we just keep away from him. He actually needs mental health help but he doesn’t see it that way.
Good to stay away from your BIL, totally agree. May 30th is not so bad. Hopefully it helps, and numbers go down as shots go up. I know how it feels. We (Quebec) have had our curfew since January 6th. It is 9:30pm now, but was 8 for a lonnnngg time, but it must have done some good I’m guessing. Hugs to you, 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩