DCA Hours during Oogie Boogie Bash


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Feb 11, 2016
That's what we thought, but my sons got in line for Grizzly River Run on Saturday night (party night) at 5:50. The Cast Member didn't allow them to stay in line and told them they had to leave since they didn't have a ticket for the party.
That’s pretty disappointing. Do they have written rules about this?

Starport Seven-Five

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Aug 16, 2019
But some people have dining reservations that are based on their park reservations, and those CAN be hard to get. I agree that they should announce special events prior to reservations going live; however, everything’s been weird this year because Covid. 🤷‍♀️ Hopefully next year will be different.
True. This is an angle I hadn't considered.
I understand how it would be a non-issue in your particular circumstance. You booked after party dates were announced. So yes, it would be a non-issue, since you could pick and choose your park dates knowing full well what hours would be at each park.
Our trip was planned before the party dates were announced. We just waited on park reservations because we knew there was no rush.

I don't disagree that Disney should announce these parties as far in advance as possible due to logistics. I just find flights to be the biggest hurdle. Hotels, park reservations, etc could still be changed today without a financial impact and we leave in less than a week.