Disneyland 10-day park tickets


Earning My Ears
May 27, 2019
Hi. We were at Disneyland January of this year and had 10 day parkhopper tickets from Flight Centre (NZ). We didn't have any problems with them at all... I think we got a magic morning entry with it too. We arrived in Anaheim about 2 hours before Disney closed for the night so we went and got our actual passes that night, rather than doing that the next morning. That way we just had to go straight to the turnstiles in the morning, get our photo taken, and we were in :)
We found we didn't need Max passes with it being the time of year it was. We were there from the 7th to the 13th (was supposed to be longer but we changed our plan). We just used Fastpasses and lined up at others. (2 adults and 2 teens) Certainly didn't miss any rides and had multiple rides on ones we wanted (Guardians 7x, Incredicoaster 6x, etc) It was a very wet January though so be prepared.
We also used Flight Centre (NZ) 14 day passes back in 2012/13 when they were available and had no problems.
Hope that helps :) Our daughter's think we should go back "one more time" ;P
Thanks! This is very informative :)


Dec 31, 2011
Highfields Travel and Cruise in Toowoomba have a secret price for people departing before March 31 2020 but you need to book it directly through the office and not online.

Adult price for the 10-Day hopper ticket is $644 for the 10 Day Ticket and $615 for children aged 3 to 9