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Feb 26, 2004
I notice self laundry is not offered right now at DLH according to website.
Is there a valet laundry service there? I really don't want to lug laundry to Paradise Pier! Hoping to pack light and do a quick load on our park break/pool day :) We are going for 6 nights.


Aug 15, 2017
No idea sorry but I’d guess they do. Price for more than a couple of items is likely to be prohibitive though.
Personally I‘d look for a local laundromat that does fluff and fold, preferably with pick up and drop off. A Google search shows several options in Anaheim although I can’t give you a specific recommendation in that area. When I’ve used fluff and fold services elsewhere though, I’ve found they do a great job and for around $2 per pound, it’s a bargain imo.


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Apr 1, 2011
I don't know if you've had your trip yet, but I used Superior Laundry Service last week. Extremely professional and courteous. They texted me 15 minutes before they arrived, I handed them my bag at the front door, and the next day my nicely laundered and folded laundry was left with Bell Services. $2/lb with a minimum of $35. Worth it to me as we spent over a week in California.