Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Staying at Fort Wilderness in a Camper | 05/07/18


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Jan 12, 2008
This was a fun episode - does seem like quite a few logistics to getting it to work but for people that have a camper or whatever this is probably a great option

Definitely would love to just explore that area a bit, especially around the holidays!


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Feb 9, 2017
We dipped our toes at FW this past fall (cabin rental). We have thought about renting an RV via a preferred vendor, but I can honestly say that the golf cart is a must when seeing the Christmas/Holiday lights. I seem to recall that some of the RV renters do provide a golf cart rather than going through a dedicated golf cart company.

What was really fun is having a dead car battery and getting AAA approved to enter FW for service; it all worked out and was thankful they (Disney) had vetted the AAA driver/vehicle before entry.