First trip to Disney, how do I not go crazy...


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Oct 18, 2005
Don't feel like you have to spend everyday in the parks to get your money's worth of your overall vacation. You'll be staying at a nice resort so take the time to enjoy the surroundings of the princess room:). Six pools, campfire marshmallow roast, horse carriage rides, probably an outdoor movie or two- enjoy that too.
Want to justify the financials? Don't buy a 6 day pass-a 4 to 5 will be fine.

The Child Centers located in every park; look on the park maps located on this forum to find them.
Pretty sure every TS (table service) restaurant at MK (Magical Kingdom) has A/C; also breakfast and lunch quick service (QS) at Be Our Guest. All shows such as Philarmagic (sp?). Also some rides like "Under the Sea".

You'll also find A/C spots at all the other parks. I'm only specifying the ones at MK because I've a pretty good idea you'll be there, LOL. I'm sure other posters can fill you in on other park's options:).

Taking a stroller? No need to load down the handles and storage areas with souvenirs and purchases. Walt Disney has a free service that allows your purchases to be shipped back to your hotel.

Have fun!
As to the highlighted, I was planning on a trip for next spring, unfortunately economic circumstances changed and we had to cancel the trip. But I digress. For my trip, I was planning on a 7 night trip with the family, Me, DW, and DD, who would be 7 at the time of the trip, and had planned on a 5 day park pass, maybe 6. I was thinking with the 5 day pass that would leave us 1 full day to hang out at the resort, sleep in, swim and do whatever, essentially rest. I'd even take the opportunity to resort hop, something I've always wanted to do but didn't want to take time out of my trip to do, but with a family needing rest that would have been the perfect opportunity to do that.

At 4, we were shocked how scared of rides my son was 😥 but we had a blast getting character autographs and we still talk of the trip we rode small world 30 times. Not the trip we pictured but so fun and by time we went back he wouldn’t even look at a character. He also loved magic kingdom so much we skipped AK that trip for a third MK day.

We also found midday breaks exhausting so hot there at open and left by 3pm for swimming, dinner and not to late sleep. We figure we will catch evening shows when he is older. You can use the pool at French quarter too so one afternoon we did that.

My DD has said that she doesn't want to meet up with the Big Bad Wolf, my DW said she was scared of the Big Bad Wolf when she was a little girl and now my DD is. Of course, I'm thinking, "Great! Something for my DD to be scare of and we're not even down there yet." hahahahaha I know my DD won't go on the Haunted Mansion ride, but maybe I can peel off and head over late at night and do that then.