Have you gotten a COVID vaccine?


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Feb 12, 2013
So, my son's pediatrician said not to worry about the shot and the bleeding, but she does want to see him today and run some blood tests to check everything since it's been a few years on that. She did agree that a small cut like that shouldn't bleed for 25 minutes, especially when you are elevating it and applying pressure.


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Feb 21, 2002
Day 2 Pfizer for spouse and oldest...

Spouse started getting a sore arm and achy last night about 6 hours post shot (and he took a med)...and chills kicked in at 4am...he's still frigid with no appetite (but, thankfully, no nausea), so I sent him back to bed with hot tea, blankets, and a med (work gave him a free day off, and he would need it). I'm hoping he doesn't get a headache from lack of caffeine, b/c tea can't match coffee, and he tends to drink a lot of coffee...but here's hoping I can get him coffee later...and that his worst symptoms (chills and aches) wear off in about 12 hours so he can take the 2 boys to swim lessons (that, I'm trying to avoid for me:))...

Daughter (young adult) is still sailing through. I told her to watch for the 24 hour "it kicks in" point, and to take it easy today. But nothing, natta for her now even with shot #2. Not even a sore arm. At some point, I gotta think she'll react:)...
Update - chills ended for spouse (med and time took care of them in 8 hours) - aches still there, but he's up and around. I told him to have coffee now, while he stays non-nauseous, just so he doesn't compound his issues.
Apr 27, 2016
I received my first moderna vax a few weeks ago. I had a sore arm for about 3 days and was a little bit more tired than usual. I was very happy with the minimal reaction.

I received my second shot Wednesday night and I got every side effect in the book. I got the shot at 5:30pm felt fine all evening, woke up at 3:30 in the morning with a pounding headache and couldn’t fall back asleep. Took some Tylenol and that helped a little bit not much.
I lounged around all day and it took all the energy I had just to grab a bottle of water and hit the bathroom. Had chills on and off all day. I felt very foggy and dizzy. I couldn’t even watch tv or surf the Internet as it made my head hurt even more. Went to bed last night pretty early and woke up around 3 from the pain from my headache. luckily I had put a couple Tylenol on the night stand before I went to sleep and was able to fall back asleep pretty quickly.
I woke up this morning feeling a lot better but not great. I still have a headache but no where near as bad as yesterday and the foggy/dizziness feeling is gone. I can also deal with the light from my phone and tv.

I have no idea if there is any correlation or not but I wondering if my seasonal allergies had an effect on my bad reaction. I have been taking 1 Zyrtec a day for the week prior to my second shot. Either way, I’m glad it’s done.

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Dec 31, 2009
Yep. Got another email a little while ago saying they would be calling to reschedule.

I already scheduled for tomorrow at a Walgreens in WV. They had a lot of appointments. It better not get cancelled. I have other medical things I need to get done and I just want this out of the way.
My Walgreens for this morning got canceled as well. I jumped online and got a mid morning appointment at CVS, so I still got the shot today. I got the same email about them calling to reschedule, but no call yet. I wonder if they missed a shipment?

I used vaccinefinder.org to see who had Pfizer in stock in my area, and saw CVS had it, then went to the CVS website and they had a special link for people looking for their second shot. I had to drive a little farther, since the Walgreens was actually walking distance, but I am glad it’s done.
To my knowledge, DS never a got another email about rescheduling, but got an automated call just saying that you're due for your second dose. If you've already gotten it, congratulations, if not, you need to call to schedule. Terrible the way they've handled this.

Reading some of these other responses, I'm feeling good they'll take him at Kroger tomorrow with evidence of his vaccine card, etc. from Walgreens. So glad mine and DH's are at Walmart where they seem to have their system down a little better.


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Feb 1, 2007
My 16 year old daughter and 18 year old niece had their 2nd doses of Pfizer yesterday. They're both on the track team. After their shots yesterday, they both went back to school and to track practice.

My daughter said she felt fine last night. I woke her up early this morning to see if she could "get her bearings" on how she felt so we could decide about school for today. She said she was really tired and her back hurt, so she decided to stay home. She went back to bed and slept for about 4 more hours. When she woke up the 2nd time, she said she felt fine and probably should have gone to school (but at that point I didn't make her.) She says she has some minor injection site soreness but nothing bad (she didn't even take Tylenol.) I'm not sure if the 4 extra hours of sleep "did the trick" or if she would have been fine if I'd made her go to school regular time.

My niece came home after track practice exhausted, went right to bed and slept late today. She took some Tylenol and decided to go to school for her afternoon classes (there was something in one she didn't want to miss). She says her arm is "very sore" and she feels "kind of woozy" but is doing OK.


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Jul 6, 2006
I've been lurking for weeks reading this thread and it was VERY helpful, so thank you all! And if it helps anyone else, I'll add my experience...

Got my 2nd dose of Pfizer this past Tues., so dose 1 was 3 weeks prior to that.

Dose 1:
Just a tiny pinch at time of vaccination.
Mild pain at injection site and a moderate headache started about 4 hours later.
I got that dose around dinner time, so I was in bed and asleep until around 13 hours post-vax.
Woke up feeling fine: arm a little sore, but nothing else.
Around the 20-hour mark, the side effects hit: major fatigue, waves of dizziness, loss of appetite, low fever, joint pain, and continued headache.
Much of that wore off after about 48 hours post-vax, but I remained tired and feeling run down for 6 days before feeling back to normal.

Dose 2:
I don't think the person doing this one was an expert: I have never had am injection hurt like that one did going in!
A few hours later, my arm was very sore to the touch, and I had a burning sensation inside.
Got this one in the late morning, and was okay until around dinner time, when a bad headache started. Advil + Tylenol wouldn't touch the pain, which felt like the beginning of a migraine, but never fully progressed to migraine level.
Other effects: distorted vision, fatigue, low fever. No dizziness or joint pain with dose 2, though.
About 30 hours after dose 2, all side effects vanished and I've felt great since then!

I was very, very sick back in Jan. 2020 and, in retrospect, my doctor and I feel pretty sure it was COVID, though nobody was testing that early for it, so no way to confirm. But the fact that I reacted more to vaccine dose 1 seems to back that up.

Another interesting thing: I have a lot of seasonal and environmental allergies, so I take Zyrtec daily, year-round. With both vaccine doses, I experienced hives on my face and chest right around the time my daily Zyrtec would be wearing off, and the hives went away an hour or so after taking the Zyrtec. Also, with both vaccine doses, I had about 2 hours of sinus and chest congestion, and burning, watery eyes. There really seems to be some connection there - my best guess is that my body was throwing everything at the vaccine and overboard with histamine production in the process.

My 18yo son had dose 1 of Pfizer: his arm was a little sore for a couple days, but no other side effects.

My 70+ mother had both doses of Moderna: she experienced fatigue, joint pain, and dizziness.
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    Jan 27, 2017
    Got my 2nd Pfizer shot yesterday morning. So far just arm soreness. Feeling a little tired but that maybe general tiredness from the work week. My sister up in Michigan got her first dose of Moderna on Monday and got a large red ring on her arm at the injection site
    Apparently that’s a common side effect for the Moderna vaccine from what I gathered from internet.


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    Aug 31, 1999
    My 29 y/o daughter had her second Pfizer shot today at 10AM. Said she never felt a thing, painless, much better feeling than her flu shots. At 2:00 pm. she texted me to tell me her arm is killing her and she's getting sweaty. My best friend (in her 50s) had her second Pfizer today at 8:30. Another painless injection but she has no symptoms yet. Tomorrow will be the big day, though, for both of them as far as symptoms.
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    May 6, 2015
    My special needs son (age 17) got the second dose of Pfizer yesterday. I was nervous because on the one hand-he has a number of medical issues but especially airway and lung issues that would have made the potential for COVID very bad. But on the other hand he is non verbal and mentally around the age of 4, so him being able to tell us if he felt something really wrong is very limited. Thankfully, he seems to have come through both shots with flying colors. Near as I can tell, he just had arm soreness with the first shot. After the second shot, he came home and slept for several hours. But all things considered, not bad at all!

    I got both Pfizer shots and only had arm soreness and a period of being really tired. The arm soreness was worse with the first shot-like a hefty tetnus shot, with soreness lasting 3 days. It burned something fierce going in. Less soreness but more tiredness with the second shot.

    Husband and 18 year old son got the first dose of Pfizer and had soreness and tiredness as well.

    My mom had a severe headache with her first doses of Moderna-it kicked in about 10 hours after the shot and lasted for about 6 hours. She had no problem with the second shot.

    My Dad has had no side effects at all but he just got his second shot yesterday as well.

    So for my family, 6 of us have had the vaccine with 4 of the 6 having both shots completed. We are thankful to say it has gone well for us with minimal issues.


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    Sep 15, 1999
    I had dose 1 of Pfizer last Friday (thanks to this board for holding my hand as I hemmed and hawed about it). My arm was sore, I was sleepy, and I had joint pain. I have seasonal allergies, too, so not sure if the head pressure was from them or the shot.

    DH had his 2nd shot of Pfizer on Wednesday. Sore arm and then at the 12 hour mark (3am) he woke up and could barely move. Said it felt like he had fallen down the stairs. He was walking like a zombie - hurt to move and to bend his arms and legs. He went to work and worked a half day then came home to lay in bed. Never got a fever or chills or anything - just the pain in all his joints. He said his feet hurt the worst. By dinner last night, a little over 24 hours after the shot, he was at the table with us eating. Slight headache and a little sleepy, but woke up today feeling brand new. So....that's awesome!
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    Nov 12, 2006
    My DH had his second Pfizer on Wednesday. So far just a sore arm. It was worse than vaccine 1, but not too bad. I talked him into taking Tylenol once for the pain, but he would not take anything after that. Moving arm really helps he said.
    That’s all I have had as well, a sore arm that was worse than the first shot, but I am not sure if it is due to the vaccine or the skill of the person giving the shot. I hardly felt the first shot, but the second one I felt from the moment she touched the needle to my skin through the time it was removed. I haven’t taken any pain killers though, as I want to let my body do its thing with as little intervention as possible. The soreness is starting to go away, so I am hoping it will be more comfortable to sleep tonight.


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    Oct 28, 2004
    CT opened up 45 and older this weekend. I had no issues getting an appointment at CVS for the date and time I wanted. First Pfizer shot today. No issues so far outside of a sore arm. Second scheduled on 4/15. CVS was great. Very efficient. CT has been one of the best states distributing vaccines. They are planning on opening up the remainder of the state - 16 and over on 4/1.
    It has been just over 24 hours since my second Pfizer shot. No issues. Just a sore arm again...


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    Feb 22, 2003
    I had Pfizer #1 around noon yesterday. Shot did not hurt going in but my deltoid muscle has been getting progressively sore. This morning my muscle feels like I had a tetanus shot. But no other symptoms- no headache, joint pain, or fever. Hoping shot #2 in three weeks is the same!


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    Feb 19, 2014
    I had my second Moderna last Monday. From a few hours after the shot to 24 hours later my arm was very sore. I had full range of motion, but couldn’t sleep on it that first night. About 20 hours after the shot I was feeling a little sick. Could have been all in my head, but it gave me an excuse to get matzo ball soup. By bedtime I was feeling great. Wednesday morning I woke up feeling awesome.


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    Aug 31, 1999
    My daughter and best friend got Pfizer #2 yesterday. Both got pretty miserable overnight. DD had body aches, chills, fever of 100. Friend had body aches, massive headache, chills, and no fever. Hit them both around 10PM. They still have all those symptoms this morning and I suspect throughout the day.