How To Change The Name On PUBG Mobile?


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Feb 26, 2019
PUBG Mobile’s user identification mark is the character’s name, so you can find your friend’s name through the user search engine. But there are some people who name characters that are not on the keyboard so it will be difficult to find them again. Therefore, users can rename characters in PUBG Mobile so that their friends and neighbors can find them. PUBG Mobile also allows players to rename characters, but not everyone knows how to rename the character PUBG Mobile. You can refer to the guide below of Apkafe to rename characters for free in PUBG Mobile.

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– Step 1:
To change the name of the character in PUBG Mobile, first go to Inventory.
– Step 2:
Then click on the item icon in your inventory, you will see an ID card. This card will be used to rename your character in PUBG Mobile. You can find this card while on a mission in the Progress Mission section and it will appear when the Progress Mission is on Level 3. Click on the card to use. Then there will be a small panel at the bottom that appears, press the Use button to use the card. After that, write the name you want to change, PUBG Mobile allows the player to write a special character on the character’s name. Therefore, if you find a satisfactory nickname that is already in use, add some special characters to create the character name and remember that special character is not too difficult to remember. After naming, click OK to finish and click OK again to agree to change the character name.

If you have money and don’t mind spending, you can go to Shop> click Others to buy the card to rename the character in this store with UC, note that the name you change will not be displayed immediately but you have to wait about one day. Changing the name for the PUBG Mobile character mentioned in this article will make it easier for your friends to find you by the character’s name. To find the character name you can go to the Friends icon on the left> Add Friends> Search and type the name of the character you want to find. With the name changed, it is easier to search for character names than those with special characters.

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