Is there a curfew of any kind?


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Apr 16, 2008
If staying at a resort hotel is there a curfew for walking around the grounds?

Also, what happens if you miss the last bus back to your resort hotel at night while walking around a park(disney transportation)?

lastly, is quick service 24/7 at the resorts or does everything shut down?

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Apr 29, 2004
There is no curfew for walking around a resort grounds

Disney transportation will run until everybody is out of the park

Pretty much everything shuts down. In years past there was a quick service restaurant at the Poly that was open 24/7 but I don't believe that's true now.


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Dec 15, 2020
HOTEL --there are guest walking around 24-7. Someone is checking in, checking out, jet lag, need to walk. You name it. You do need to be quiet after10:00 pm.
PARKS- there are CM also 24-7 at the parks. Security will get you to leave and help you get to your resort or off Disney property . You will never be stranded nor alone . Someone is always watching you.
EATING-- really NOTHING other than vending machines to get food. It is NOT like Vegas or other
big resorts. I have found that odd for the amount of guest and CM's up at all times of night .