Labour Day (may 1st) 2020 at DLP


Earning My Ears
Oct 21, 2019
Hi everyone, I booked a trip to Paris at the and of April and beginning of may 2020.

Mostly we are sightseeing Paris, but naturally I want to check out DLP for a day or 2. I didn't realize that Paris would have some different Holidays than us in the americas. I noticed that May 1st is labour day, and this is one of the days I was planning on being at DLP (may 1st and 2nd).

Is this going to be a hugeeeee problem with lines and such? Let me know what you guys think.

Either way, I don't think there is much we can do about it, as we have already booked our other hotel in Paris city centre for all the other nights before leading up to these days, which cannot be cancelled.... these are the only days left for DLP! I just wanted some sort of reassurance that it will be okay haha.


DIS Veteran
Feb 5, 2012
I haven't much reassurance. Labour day will increase the crowds, especially cause it's a Friday and this day is a public holiday in several European countries. However it's also Spring Break in a lot of European countries that week as well, that's more your problem.
Not a hugeeeeee problem, you can still have a great day or days, even when it's busy. The weather will be perfect that time of year. It will be the last weekend of the Frozen festival, so there will be plenty to do, extra shows etc. If you can stay onsite, think about buying Fastpasses (and which one), familiarize yourself on forehand with the park. Go in with a plan and you can enjoy yourself :)