Marion's Active Requests #4 - ***Please Comply with Rules especially NO QUOTES***


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Jul 5, 2000
this is my new general request is open for business but I still have links to work on. Please be sure your request belongs on this thread and not one of my others. Post #10 contains links to other threads of mine.

As a DISigner I reserve the right to sometimes decide to stick with my original style and not modify. That is the point of DISigning for me ...... using my creativity!

My Photobucket password is posted in my profile in the Meet the DISigners sticky near the top of the forum!

Please be sure you are familiar with the information, instructions and rules in the forum sticky threads before requesting from any DISigner. They are located at the top of the forum and include:

How To sticky
Creative Boards Welcome sticky
Meet the DISigners sticky

At least one Etsy person has STOLEN my images and posted for sale.

Please understand that most of my DISigns require that you ask for personalization.

Remember, violations of posted rules and non-compliance have no valid excuses as I have pointed out my own rules and sticky rules time after time!
I have had to provide reminder after reminder about these and shortly will ignore any request that does not comply....

Here is my work process I use so you can understand. I highlight the jpg from a request and copy and paste to search My Computer. The master file and jpg are located and I open the master file in Photoshop Elements. I do NOT go to PB at this point which is why I do not allow paths or links.

After personalizing I save the new jpg as a temporary file with an alpha character added to the end. (like MickeyInvite1a.jpg) Master file is NOT saved with the personalized revisions so you should never request a jpg with a letter on the end such as MickeyInvite1a.jpg

This is then uploaded to a temp folder on Photobucket and thumbnail link posted to the thread for you.

You must open the thumbnail in Photobucket and enlarge to full size by clicking on it. When it is full resolution you click on the Download button (mid screen to the right) and save to your computer. Never EVER save to your own PB or to another website (such as Pinterest).

Sometimes you might have requested a revision that makes it appropriate for me to save as a new Master file (such as MickeyInvite2) In this case the file will not have the alpha ending and will not be posted to a temp file.

Now for my rules:

Furnish the JPG file name, not a path or a link. It must be exact so Windows Explorer can locate it

No use of the Quote Feature on any of my threads

No PMs (and no Friend Requests either)

I am eliminating almost all blanks because of the DISign thieves. Please ask for the personalization so the image isn't a blank....thank you for understanding!

Patience as all DISigners do have lives outside the forum!

Details for personalization or modifications must be complete the first time so revisions aren’t required

Month and Year of trip so request can be done on time

Post your request to the proper thread. My links following in post #2

All requests for autograph covers must include the dimensions (I will do any of these standard sizes only.....4 x 6, 5 x 7 or 8 x 8) And please note... if the original is square I will not convert to rectangle and if original is rectangle I will not convert to square.

Indicate the gender for every family member for any DISign from my Family Names folder.

All requests for invitations must include the proper details the first time once your plans are firm

No requests for clip art

Enter any text required, including names, in the format you expect to see on the DISign. I generally copy and paste rather than type to avoid error. If you capitalize, so will I - if you put lowercase (like joannie) so will I. I hate the look of the WALTOGRAPH font in caps so please do not ask for that.

Take a careful look at my JPG and ascertain that any text you request will actually fit. For example, some invitations will NOT accommodate the day of the week.

Remember, I gave much thought to the way I wanted a DISign to look. I reserve the right to say NO to requests to modify and this includes requests to use the WALTOGRAPH font when it might not be the effect I was after. Borders can be added or removed if absolutely necessary.

Please do not ask me for something before you have taken a look in my Photobucket to see if I have created the DISign previously

Do you have an invitation to CRT is not an appropriately styled request.

Do Not ask me to do DISigns that you have already asked of another DISigner or have posted to your own thread. If you did look at the HOW TO sticky you will already know not to do this.

Do NOT ask me to replicate DISigns from other DISigners or from other places on the web (etsy or a clipart place are 2 examples). I want all my DISigns to be my originals.

Sometimes a DISer has indicated how much they love a DISign and then asked me to change almost everything about it...please don’t be one of those!!

Please do not ask me about printing your DISign requests. Each printer has its own features and I am expert on none. Also do not attempt to stretch or shrink a DISign and then tell me it is blurry. They are intended to be used at the size I created and if you don't ask up front for special sizing, I will not modify.

Please do not ask about retrieving DISigns (or viewing) from anything other than a PC… I cannot assist with how to get at Photobucket with an iPad, other tablet etc.

Remember that I usually post thumbnails. Click to open it in Photobucket. From there you must NOT right click and select Save As. This yields you a websized image and not the full resolution DISign.

Give me time to do your requests. I work full time and have other things in my life!

I ask that you limit your requests in one post to 10-12 DISigns. If you want the same DISign for three people that counts as 3!

Once your 10-12 images have been created it is ok to come back and ask for a few more but only a few.....when I have caught up with requests for other DISers.

Please try not to drown me in requests!

There are many other talented DISigners on the forum that could assist with some of the things for your trip or event.

I am happy to have you show the items that you create with my DISigns but please post them in your own thread. Thanks!

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Note that some folders on Photobucket have instruction/information text as the 1st named image.

Here is an example for Family Names:

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Jul 5, 2000
some folders are not password-protected yet but that is the plan!! not all folders are currently listed since I have SO many that it takes awhile. Hopefully you can access others in PB

1st Trip: Stuff/1stTrip?sort=3&page=1#

1st Trip Head Lines: Stuff/1stTrip/1stHeadLine?sort=3&page=1

AnniversaryWedding: Stuff/AnniversaryWedding?sort=3&page=1

AnniversaryWedding DCL Ships: Stuff/AnniversaryWedding/DCL Ships?sort=3&page=1

AnniversaryWedding Head Rings: Stuff/AnniversaryWedding/HeadRings?sort=3&page=1

AnniversaryWedding Kiss Versions: Stuff/AnniversaryWedding/KissVersions?sort=3&page=1

AnniversaryWedding Monogram: Stuff/AnniversaryWedding/Monogram?sort=3&page=1

AutographCovers: Stuff/AutographCovers?sort=3&page=1

AutographCovers Activity Covers: Stuff/AutographCovers/ActivityCovers?sort=3&page=1

AutographCovers Journal Covers: Stuff/AutographCovers/Journals?sort=3&page=1

Beverages and Food: Stuff/Beverages and Food?sort=3&page=1

Birthday: Stuff/Birthday?sort=3&page=1

Birthday Big Signs: Stuff/Birthday/Big Signs?sort=9&page=1

Birthday Trio Versions: Stuff/Birthday/TrioVersions?sort=3&page=1


Bookmarks: Stuff/Bookmarks?sort=3&page=1

Characters: Stuff/Characters?sort=9&page=1

Characters 3Nephews: Stuff/Characters/3Nephews?sort=3&page=1

Characters Alphabet: Stuff/Characters/Alphabet?sort=9&page=1

Characters Anger Management: Stuff/Characters/AngerManagement?sort=3&page=1

Characters ChipAndDale: Stuff/Characters/ChipAndDale?sort=3&page=1

Characters Cranky: Stuff/Characters/Cranky?sort=3&page=1

Characters DontDoMatching: Stuff/Characters/DontDoMatching?sort=3&page=1

Characters Fab6: Stuff/Characters/Fab6?sort=3&page=1

Characters Fab6 Gang6 Style : Stuff/Characters/Fab6/Gang6Style?sort=3&page=1

Characters Fab6 Gave Me the World: Stuff/Characters/Fab6/GaveMeWorld?sort=3&page=1

Characters Fab6 Just Daisy: Stuff/Characters/Fab6/JustDaisy?sort=3&page=1

Characters Fab6 Just Donald: Stuff/Characters/Fab6/JustDonald?sort=3&page=1

Characters Fab6 Just Goofy: Stuff/Characters/Fab6/JustGoofy?sort=3&page=1

Characters Fab6 Just Mickey: Stuff/Characters/Fab6/JustMickey?sort=9&page=1

Characters Fab6 Just Minnie: Stuff/Characters/Fab6/JustMinnie?sort=3&page=1

Characters Fab6 Just Pluto: Stuff/Characters/Fab6/JustPluto?sort=3&page=1

Characters Figment: Stuff/Characters/Figment?sort=3&page=1

Characters HeadLine: Stuff/Characters/HeadLine?sort=3&page=1

Characters Jersey: Stuff/Characters/Jersey?sort=9&page=1

Characters Just Hanging: Stuff/Characters/JustHangin?sort=3&page=1

Characters Marvel: Stuff/Characters/Marvel?sort=3&page=1

Characters Muppets: Stuff/Characters/Muppets?sort=3&page=1

Characters Phineas and Ferb: Stuff/Characters/PhineasFerb?sort=3&page=1

Characters Pooh and Friends: Stuff/Characters/PoohAndFriends?sort=3&page=1

Characters Princesses: Stuff/Characters/Princesses?sort=3&page=1

Characters Puffles: Stuff/Characters/Puffles?sort=3&page=1

Characters SevenDwarfs: Stuff/Characters/SevenDwarfs?sort=3&page=1

Characters Silhouettes: Stuff/Characters/Silhouettes?sort=4&page=1

Characters Sleeping: Stuff/Characters/Sleeping?sort=3&page=1

Characters Star Collection: Stuff/Characters/Star Collection?sort=3&page=1

Characters Tinkerbell and Fairies: Stuff/Characters/TinkerbellAndFairies?sort=3&page=1

Characters Villains: Stuff/Characters/Villains?sort=9&page=1

Characters Wanted Posters: Stuff/Characters/WantedPosters?sort=3&page=1

Dining: Stuff/Dining?sort=9&page=1

DIS Heads: Stuff/DIS Heads?sort=9&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines 1st Cruise: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/1st Cruise?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Bag Toppers: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Bag Toppers?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Bookmarks: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Bookmarks?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Castaway Cay: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/Castaway Cay?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Character Heads: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Character Heads?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Dream: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Dream?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Fantasy: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Fantasy?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Holidays: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Holidays?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Magic: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Magic?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Name Tags: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Name Tags?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Wonder: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL Wonder?sort=3&page=1

Disney Cruise Lines Journal Pages: Stuff/Disney Cruise Line/DCL-Journals?sort=3&page=1


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Jul 5, 2000
Disneyland: Stuff/Disneyland?sort=3&page=1

Disneyland DL Journal: Stuff/Disneyland/DL Journal?sort=3&page=1

Door hangers: Stuff/Door Hangers?sort=3&page=1

Drivers License: Stuff/Drivers License?sort=9&page=1

FamilyNames: Stuff/FamilyNames?sort=3&page=1

FamilyNames Cruising: Stuff/FamilyNames/Cruising?sort=3&page=1

FamilyNames Holidays: Stuff/FamilyNames/FamilyHolidays?sort=3&page=1

Gift Tags and Notes: Stuff/Gift Tags and Note Cards?sort=3&page=1

Graduation: Stuff/Graduation?sort=3&page=1

Holidays: Stuff/Holidays?sort=3&page=1

4th of July: Stuff/Holidays/4thOfJuly?sort=3&page=1

Christmas: Stuff/Holidays/Christmas?sort=3&page=1

... Candy Cane Names: Stuff/Holidays/Christmas/CandyCaneNames?sort=3&page=1

... ... Wreath Styles: Stuff/Holidays/Christmas/CandyCaneNames/Wreath Style?sort=4&page=1

... Name Tags: Stuff/Holidays/Christmas/NameTags?sort=3&page=1

... Santa Name Hats: Stuff/Holidays/Christmas/SantaNameHats?sort=3&page=1

... Trees: Stuff/Holidays/Christmas/Trees?sort=3&page=1

Easter: Stuff/Holidays/Easter?sort=3&page=1

Father's Day: Stuff/Holidays/FathersDay?sort=3&page=1

Halloween: Stuff/Holidays/Halloween?sort=3&page=1

... DL Versions: Stuff/Holidays/Halloween/DL Versions?sort=3&page=1

... Halloween Names: Stuff/Holidays/Halloween/HalloweenNames?sort=3&page=1

... Masks: Stuff/Holidays/Halloween/Masks?sort=3&page=1

Jewish Holidays: Stuff/Holidays/Jewish Holidays?sort=3&page=1

Mardi Gras: Stuff/Holidays/MardiGras?sort=3&page=1

Misc Holiday: Stuff/Holidays/MiscHoliday?sort=3&page=1

Mothers Day: Stuff/Holidays/MothersDay?sort=3&page=1

New Years: Stuff/Holidays/NewYears?sort=3&page=1

St. Patricks Day: Stuff/Holidays/StPatricksDay?sort=9&page=1

Thanksgiving: Stuff/Holidays/Thanksgiving?sort=3&page=1

Valentine's Day: Stuff/Holidays/ValentinesDay?sort=3&page=1

Invitations: Stuff/Invitations?sort=9&page=1

Dining Invites: Stuff/Invitations/DiningInvites?sort=3&page=1

Holiday Invites: Stuff/Invitations/Holiday Invites?sort=3&page=1

Park Invites: Stuff/Invitations/Park Invitations?sort=3&page=1

Surprise: Stuff/Invitations/Surprise?sort=3&page=1

License Plates: Stuff/License Plates?sort=3&page=1#

LifeIsGood: Stuff/LifeIsGood?sort=3&page=1

Mickey Head Hats: Stuff/Mickey Head Hats?sort=3&page=1

Mickey Head Hats Crowns and Tiaras: Stuff/Mickey Head Hats/Crowns and Tiaras?sort=9&page=1

Mickey Head Hats Minnie Bows: Stuff/Mickey Head Hats/Minnie Bows?sort=3&page=1

Movies: Stuff/Movies?sort=9&page=0

Name Tags: Stuff/Name Tags?sort=3&page=1


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Jul 5, 2000
Starting on 11/3/2016, I will be trying a new procedure for you to get your requests since even my personalized items have been stolen.

I will start a new conversation with a link to the requested graphics and a password customized for you. (thanks LadyB for the notion!) Joy, joy…. This will slow things down immensely but cannot be helped.

I do not want to have lots of messages back and forth in these conversations so you needn’t thank me there or notify me that you have downloaded from PB.

In fact, it would be best if you went into edit mode of your original request to indicate any such remarks. That way I will see them but not be burdened with spending more time in the conversations than in actually DISigning.

I am so sorry that these immoral individuals have made it necessary for us to go to such lengths to protect what we lovingly DISigned for you for free.

If you have any other ideas that might help in protection of our DISigns and sharing them with you, please let me know!!
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Jul 5, 2000
Nothing I hate to do more than simply do your word processing for you. I like to be creative with wording, not simply taking every word you compose and plugging in clip art that can be located via Google or Bing.

please, let me be a DISigner!
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Jul 5, 2000
Parks: Stuff/Parks?sort=3&page=1

Parks 4Parks: Stuff/Parks/4Parks?sort=9&page=1

Parks Animal Kingdom: Stuff/Parks/AnimalKingdom?sort=3&page=1

Parks DHS: Stuff/Parks/DHS?sort=3&page=1

Parks Epcot: Stuff/Parks/Epcot?sort=3&page=1

Parks Epcot CircleOfFlagHeads: Stuff/Parks/Epcot/CircleOfFlagHeads?sort=9&page=1#

Parks Epcot FlagHeads: Stuff/Parks/Epcot/FlagHeads?sort=3&page=1#

Parks Epcot FutureWorld: Stuff/Parks/Epcot/FutureWorld?sort=3&page=1

Parks FastPass: Stuff/Parks/FastPass?sort=3&page=1

Parks I Survived: Stuff/Parks/I Survived?sort=3&page=1

Parks International: Stuff/Parks/International?sort=9&page=1

Parks Magic Kingdom: Stuff/Parks/MagicKingdom?sort=9&page=1

Parks WaterParks: Stuff/Parks/WaterParks?sort=3&page=1

Pirates: Stuff/Pirates?sort=3&page=1

Property of: Stuff/Property Of?sort=3&page=1

Resorts: Stuff/Resorts?sort=9&page=1


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Jul 5, 2000
  • RustManFan

    devoted to all things Disney!!
    Jul 5, 2000
    how my PB is set up. This includes the individual subfolders and not just the main DISNEY folder.

    "Password Protected Albums

    When an album is password protected:

    Users enter the password in order to view the album.
    If someone searches for your username, they cannot access your password protected albums unless they have a guest password.
    Content will not display in search results.
    Guests to your album can copy and share photos in the album - this cannot be disabled, so only share with people you trust!"

    What I am working to avoid is this feature of Public Albums:

    "Photos in the album may appear in other search engines like Google or Bing."
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    Jul 5, 2000
    I will continue to add links to my folders and subfolders....and apply passwords as I deem necessary (see my Meet the DISigners profile)

    I hope the links directly to my Photobucket folders enable DISers to get to images :surfweb:


    devoted to all things Disney!!
    Jul 5, 2000
    Please ensure that requests are placed on the correct thread.

    This is my general request thread but some requests must be entered elsewhere:

    links to my request threads....please use the right one! (Marion's REQUESTS) This one! (Disneyland) (License Plate/Stroller Tags) (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) (New Years through 4th of July)


    College Sports only:

    MLB only:

    NFL only:

    NHL only:
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    Aug 28, 2005
    Hi Marion. I didn't get a chance to thank you again before you closed the last thread. Thank you for all of my DISigns that you have done for me. My DGS is in love with his Spiderman as are the rest of the gang with theirs!!

    I did ask for two that weren't done and I don't know if it's because I had originally asked for so many (I asked for 9) that you missed them or if I did something incorrectly, so I am going to try to make sure I do this right.

    Our trip is June, 2014. .

    Can I please have...

    6LivingTheDream4.jpg with 7 ears. (I don't think I saw a design already with 7 ears unless I missed it) The names in the ears are...
    Grandpa (male)
    Mimzy (female)
    Paige (female)
    Ricky (male)
    Bree (female)
    Handsome (male)
    Peanut (male).

    Can you please put My 7th Birthday near the ears that say Handsome and My 1st Trip near the ears that say Peanut ?

    PeterFlyingThere-1.jpg (I like this one just the way I saw it. I don't think it had any names etc...)

    Thank you in advance!!
  • RustManFan

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    Jul 5, 2000
    You don't have to submit a request for anything you wish to use as is....

    and this is actually the 13th (at least) one I have done with 7 balloons! Most are deleted from my temporary folders and never make it to the FamilyNames one...



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    Aug 28, 2005
    Well that makes sense. Thanks so much!! Guess I just wanted your permission. :)

    I really do appreciate each of these you have done for me. Your work is amazing!!


    Earning My Ears
    Apr 5, 2014
    Hi Marion,
    i just love all your disigns. when you can i would like
    SpendingInheritance1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=92 with 2014
    this is our name on cruise critic and
    HeadCap1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=85 with the Traino's in the middle no year.
    our next cruise is in February. thank you so much for doing these. it brings lots of joy to everyone.


    devoted to all things Disney!!
    Jul 5, 2000
    A reminder to all.....requested images are posted to temporary files so you must download from Photobucket as soon as possible. If you neglect to do so, they will most likely be gone. Especially important if you event or trip is months away.


    devoted to all things Disney!!
    Jul 5, 2000

    You may need my PB password which is in my Meet the DISigners profile in the sticky at the top of the forum


    Mar 14, 2014

    Can I please have this as an 8x11. I want to use it as a binder cover. Can you change the date to 2015 and add 1st Trip to the top? Thank you.




    To Infinity and Beyond!!
    Feb 27, 2014
    Can you do a gift tag with Haunted Mansion or Hitchhiking Ghosts?
    Doesn't have to be in a gift tag format...can be in a letter format.
    The gift is Bill/Pops and can you make the gift from Phineas, Ezra and Gus.


    Earning My Ears
    Jan 25, 2014
    Request please & thank you! You are amazing!

    OnMyWayDusty1.jpg (name Sawyer)

    10SharingCastle-2.jpg (but with 17 of us if this isn't too many??)
    JUNE 2014 in castle


    (no name of family just "your family") June 2014

    WoodyInvite1.jpg (Sawyer) June 2014