Need some advice


Chasing Amy
Feb 17, 2000
Okay we are out of points until August, but are condsidering a vacation in May, maybe 4 days in WDW and 3 at HH. (Our original plans were either Hawaii or DisneyLand Ca to check out the new park)
My problem is I notice there are deals for both HH and VB (which we would trade for HH) but I notice the offers expire for early April for HH and late March for VB. Historically have there been any deals for May. We would probably do first weekend to avoid crowds. Maybe end of April begin of May. We think this would be a great ride from HH to WDW or WDW to HH or VB or whatever :)
Any advice? :D



Oct 26, 2000
I don't remember any - they had a great deal once in December you spend 2 nights and they would give you one at HH with points. I think in May once the weather gets warm it has no problem being filled. But ask you may get lucky.


Aug 19, 1999
The special deals at HH are usually only offered during the slower months to fill up the resort. In Nov, Dec & Jan they were offering $99.00 per night for 3 nights in a 2-bedroom with your 4th night free. From Feb to April you get the same deal for $149.00. If they have another deal they usually do not anounce it until the end of the last deal. You must take the 90 min. tour and sales presentation.

Its about 5 hours from HH to WDW.

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