No studios at BWV


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Oct 18, 2000
we just called MS to reserve at BWV (our home) for Nov 7-11 2001. We wanted a studio and there were none left! We usually always call at the 11 mth. window, but recently decided we wanted to go for a long weekend. (New Jersey teacher's convention weekend) So we asked to be put on the wait list. What are our chances of getting in? We're so disappointed :(


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Jan 9, 2000
I'd keep calling. I was waiting for MS to call me if about changing to a standard from preferred hadn't heard anything. So, today I decided to call them got a standard room for 5 of the six nights and I'll continue to try until I get the last night. Persistance I think is the key. :D ;)


Mar 6, 2000
I made ressies at the 11 month window for 4 nights at a BWV std view studio for November. Monday, we decided that we could do an extra 2 nights there so I called to add them but there are no std view studios left for those 2 days. I'd switch to preferre d view but that's not available for the entire time either. I'm on the waiting list for the 2 days. When I asked what the chances are that the wait list comes through, the very nice CM gave me a 50-50 chance.

Do we really need to keep calling if we're on the waiting list? I hate to bother them for nothing - or does it help?

Good luck to you!

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May 30, 2000
We went on a waiting list for a standard 1 bedroom when we called at 10 months out. We went ahead with a preferred view and never really thought much about the waiting list after that. We didn't follow up - just figured we would enjoy the preferred view.

At about 5 months before our visit (which is in 17 days!!!!), Member Services left a message asking us to call back within 24 hours. We called the next morning and had the reservation modified to a standard view. And we were even able to add an extra nights with the points we saved.

I have dealt with Member Services over telephone and via email and they have always been great. I feel having access to Member Services -- to make priority seating arrangements, book tours, etc... -- is a big benefit of DVC. :)


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Aug 18, 1999
There must be some kind of mistake. I remember the survey we had, it seemed that the 7 month window was no problem at all. Every VB and HH owner that responded said that BWV was always available with no problem at all. It actually made buying VB with MB look like a good idea....there has to be a mistake!!!!!!

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Aug 14, 1998
Since no one can even make reservations at a non-home resort more than 7 months ahead, it is a little premature to suggest that reservations will not be available- even at BWV- for that time period. The wait list does work and there are often cancellations even within 30 days. I would tend to believe members who report that they have been able to make non-home reservations within 7 months- as I have done it several times myself.
For those on the wait list- be patient and persistent, you may be pleasantly surprised. Once you get within 7 months it can't hurt to call every few weeks, just to check and once you're within 60 days- more frequent calls may allow for success. Just because there doesn't seem to be anything available today does NOT mean it will remain that way. Who knows- many of those reservations may not sell on ebay and will eventually be cancelled or the members may really want to switch to OKW or VB once they are within 7 months. 'Ya never know. Keep on trying! :)



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Sep 15, 2000
I think those are the key words why Waltskids can't get a reservation that weekend. This past year, it was also Soap weekend during the NJ convention weekend and WDW was packed. I believe that reservations are tough, but not IMPOSSIBLE.

My problem with wait lists or constantly calling is securing an affordable airfare.
Being from NJ, I always fly and like to make the air reservations months in advance (usully non refundable)

good luck,


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Sep 30, 2000
Did they mention or offer you the studio availability for the following week? Usually when something is sold out, they'll offer us the next week.We own at both OKW and BWV.We have half our rooms at the Boardwalk and the OKW that week. At the 7 month window, I wanted to move four of our OKW rooms over to the BWV to keep the family together. It worked last year at the 7 month window but wasn't sure how it would work now that the BWV sold out.