"Official" 2019 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party: Oh-So-Jolly Holiday Celebration


Apr 30, 2012
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 (MVMCP)
Oh-So-Jolly Holiday Celebration
Welcome to the "Official" 2019 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Thread, where you will get THE most updated information for all of your Christmas needs! Most of this information is from last years party. However, I will update as new information is released.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Frequently Asked Questions

:santa: What are the dates for the 2019 MVMCP?
November 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 22 & 24
December 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20 & 22

CM Discounted Parties
December 8, 12 and 19 (Added Later)

Sold Out Dates: 11/8 (10/12), 11/24 (11/3), 12/1 (11/29), 12/3 (11/29), 12/5 (12/3), 12/6 (12/6), 12/8 (12/8), 12/10 (12/10), 12/13 (12/12), 12/15 (12/3), 12/19 (12/19), 12/12 (12/20), 12/22 (11/8)

:santa: When do MVMCP Tickets go on sale?

2019 - Disney released Official 2019 MVMCP Dates early morning of 4/8/19, also announcing an all new firework spectacular. MVMCP Dates were released much later than MNSSHP dates this year.
2018 - Disney released Official 2018 MVMCP Dates early morning of 3/19/18, Disney Parks Blog announced MNSSHP & MVMCP Dates and that tickets were on sale. At the time of the post, tickets only available by calling 407.939.1872. Pricing only available by calling when dates announced. 4/17/18 - Tickets now available online, https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events/mickeys-very-merry-christmas-party/purchase/. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/b...-merry-christmas-party-at-magic-kingdom-park/

Please note that MVMCP is a "hard-ticket" event. A "hard-ticket" event means you must buy a separate ticket for admission to the party, you cannot use a day of your regular Magic Your Way ticket to attend MVMCP.

:santa: How much do tickets cost?
Ticket prices vary depending on the date of the party.

2019 Prices
November 11, 12, 14, 17 & 21
Advance Purchase: $99 adult, $94 child (Ages 3-9)
Day of Purchase: $109 adult, $104 child
November 8, 15 & 22 and December 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 & 15
Advance Purchase: $109 adult, $104 child (Ages 3-9)
Day of Purchase: $119 adult, $114 child
November 24 and December 1, 6, 13 & 17
Advance Purchase: $115 adult, $110 child (Ages 3-9)
Day of Purchase: $125 adult, $120 child
December 19
Advance Purchase: $129 adult, $124 child (Ages 3-9)
Day of Purchase: $139 adult, $134 child
December 20 & 22
Advance Purchase and Day of Purchase: $139 adult, $134 child (Ages 3-9)

Annual Passholders & DVC Members can get $5 discount on the advance pricing listed, excluding December 20 & 22.
Military Ticket Prices* (Prices include Tax)
Military discounts are offered on all of these dates this year! This is a change from the past, when discounts were only offered on November dates.
November 8, 15, 22 & December 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15: $92 adult, $86.59 child (Ages 3-9)
November 11, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21: $81.50 adult, $76.25 child
November 24 & December 1, 6, 13, 17: $98 adult, $92.75 child
December 19: $112.25 adult, $107.25 child
December 20 & 22: $143.25 adult, $130.00 child
*Active and Retired U.S. Military, including members of the U.S. Coast Guard and participating members of the National Guard and Reserve. You can purchase additional tickets for up to five (5) family members and/or friends.

Where Can You Purchase These Specially Priced Tickets?
Direct From Walt Disney World
These special tickets must be purchased in person (with proper military ID) from Walt Disney World ticket or Guest Relations locations! They cannot be pre-purchased over the phone or internet.
From Shades of Green
You may also purchase these special tickets in person at Shades of Green's Ticket Office or call 407-824-1403.
Shades of Green will ship these special tickets to you. Contact the Shades of Green Ticket Office by email at: advancedtickets@shadesofgreen.org. Let them know that you want to purchase the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets (and any other types of tickets needed). They will send you a price list and order form. Just fill out and send back. There is a fee ($10) to FedEx the tickets to you. You must be home to sign for the package. Shades of Green cannot sell tickets for sold out nights!

Walt Disney World will sell the military tickets for sold out events even when regular tickets are unavailable. This is because these military discount tickets are only available in person if you want to buy from Disney!

:santa: Where can I buy the tickets? When should I buy tickets?
Tickets can be ordered by calling 407-W-DISNEY or purchase online, https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets/events/. Once you purchase tickets, they will be linked to yourMy Disney Experience account.
Definitely purchase in advance of the party, especially if you plan to attend one of the last parties, or if there is a specific day you prefer to go.

:santa:What time does MVMCP start? What time can I enter the park?
MVMCP officially starts at 7pm. Guests may enter Magic Kingdom using their party tickets starting at 4pm. This practice is not officially advertised by Disney, but it has been exercised for many years and Cast Members will readily confirm this information. None of the party-specific M&Gs or treats will begin until 7pm, with a few M&G exceptions.
Back for 2019 – Early Entry for DVC Members
This year, Members and their guests can enter Magic Kingdom park starting at 2:00 PM, which is 2 hours earlier than ever before! Simply present your valid Disney Vacation Club Membership Card and your event ticket at the main entrance touchpoints to take advantage of this benefit. The benefit is valid for the Member and up to 7 guests with tickets to this event (a total of 8 people).

:santa: Do I need a wristband? What if I want to stay without one?
Yes, a wristband is included in the cost of admission. All ticket holders for this event will be required to wear a wristband. You may pick-up your wristband and map of the party at designated locations in the MK.
Once the party begins at 7pm, Cast Members begin looking for those who do not have wristbands to exit the park.
MVMCP Ticket Holders have purchased tickets with "their money" for the party; if you do not have a ticket/wristband make your way to exit the gates by 7pm.
As discussed on another thread, there are different color wristbands, so NO Double Dipping to attend another party. Oh, my! I'm already in the park. Do I have to exit and re-enter for MVMCP? No, there are checkpoints within the park to check-in and receive wristbands for MVMCP!
A Pirate's Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas (Adventureland)
Fantasy Faire (Fantasyland)
Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor (Tomorrowland) - Near the Exit

:santa:Are FP+ Reservations available during the party?
No, there are no FP+ reservations in the park after 6 p.m., the closing time of Magic Kingdom to day guests.
You can, however, make FP+ reservations using your party ticket for the 4-6:00pm time period (FP+ Selections should be booked between 3:30-6:00pm), before the party officially begins. The good news is that most attraction lines will be short enough during the party that you won’t miss FP+ reservations much. New for 2017 with the Magic Kingdom closing @ 6pm to day guests, FP+ will cease to be available after 5:30pm-6:00pm and the 15 minute late grace period will not be given; this is the same for 2018 too.
When Can I Make FP+ Reservations?
Staying at a Disney World Resort: 60D in Advance
Staying at a Non-Disney Resort: 30D in Advance
Please note, if you only purchased MVMCP tickets, your FP+ reservation is still based on resort check-in day (60D in Advance).
FastPass+ FAQs
2017 FP+ Canceled/Not Canceled Thread (MNSSHP):

:santa:Do you have a map of the party?
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Map gives you an idea of special foods available, as well as show times for the major entertainment.

:santa: What Complimentary Holiday Treats are offered?
Locations are indicated on the map. There is no limit to how many times you can go back to the same location for more. Several holiday treat locations will be open until midnight during MVMCP.
Market Street (Magic Kingdom Bypass) - Until 8pm: Welcome Holiday Treat
Tortuga Tavern (Adventureland): Fanta and Snowman Soft Pretzel
Jungle Jingle Cruise: Ginger Molasses Cookie
Golden Oak Outpost: Snickerdoodle Cookie
Diamond Horseshoe Saloon: Eggnog and Chocolate Chip Cookie
The Friar's Nook (Fantasyland): Chocolate Chip Cookie
Storybook Circus Snacks Cart in Fantasyland (Near Storybook Circus Disney Junior Jingle Jam): Snowman Pretzel
Pinocchhio's Village Haus: Hot Chocolate, Fanta Fruit Flavored Soda and Snickerdoodle Cookie
Miner's Cove: Peppermint Crunch Cookie
The Launching Pad: Apple Cider and Ginger Molasses Cookie
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café: Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider and Peppermint Cookie
Available until 12:00am
Note: Alternative healthy and gluten-free options are available upon request.
The alternative to cookies are Apple GoGo squeeZ and Life Mini Cookies.

Menus and offerings are subject to change and availability.

:santa: What characters can I meet at MVMCP?

Main Street, U.S.A.
Santa Claus at Town Square (Meets During the Day)*
Mickey Mouse (Christmas Outfit) at Town Square Theater
Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws with Sally at Town Square Theater (Starts Meeting @ 4:30pm & Wristbands distributed in line if you're already in the park.)
Captain Jack Sparrow
Aladdin (Prince Ali) withAbu (Scarf)
Jasmine with Genie
Moana (Starts Meeting @ 5:45pm)
Peter Pan (Scarf) - Roaming
Liberty Square
Mary Poppins & Bert
Tigger and Friends (Scarves) ---Near Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Starts Meeting @ 6:20pm)
Ariel w/Prince Eric (Across from Ariel's Grotto)
Princess Tiana w/Naveen and Rapunzel w/Flynn Ryder (Princess Fairytale Hall)
Cinderella w/Prince Charming and Elena of Avalor (Princess Fairytale Hall)
Aurora w/Prince Phillip and Snow White w/Prince (Near Princess Fairytale Hall) --- Line up at 6:30pm
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Next to the Mad Tea Party)
The Country Bears - Roaming
Storybook Circus
Seven Dwarfs (Holiday Scarves) --- Very popular! Line up by 5pm to meet them. (Starts Meeting @ 6:15pm)
Scrooge McDuck w/Donald Duck (Lumberjack/Holiday Plaid Hat & Coat) --- Casey Jr.
Minnie Mouse (Peppermint Dress) & Daisy Duck (Holiday Dress w/Snowflakes)
Santa Goofy (Near Barnstormer)
Timon, Doc McStuffins, Vampirina & Fancy Nancy (Disney Junior Jingle Jam)
Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps (Starts Meeting @ 6:15pm)
Polar Bears
Seven Dwarfs, Sandy Claws, Captain Jack Sparrow, Nick & Judy, the Princes with their Princesses (Prince Charming, Prince Eric, Flynn Ryder, Prince Phillip & Prince), and Moana are exclusive to MVMCP.

Aladdin as Prince Ali, and Peter Pan with scarf are also unique to MVMCP.
Abu, Genie, Bert & Piglet are other hard to find characters.

Characters that you can normally find at the park, such as Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, and the Tigger & Friends, are dressed up in Christmas costumes ONLY for MVMCP.

Santa will start meeting daily at Town Square starting Nov 28th through Dec 24th from 10am to 5pm in addition to MVMCP.

:santa:How long are the Character Meet & Greet lines?
It depends. There are a few of the popular characters that will have lines that begin long before the party starts. If you want to see the 7 Dwarfs you will want to line up around 5:00pm. The other M&G wait times will range from 30-45 minutes.

:santa:Are the attractions open during MVMCP?
Yes, and the lines for most attractions (except Seven Dwarfs Mine Train) will have much shorter wait times than a regular park day.
List of Open Attractions
Main Street U.S.A.
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
Town Square Theater
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Swiss Family Treehouse
Jungle Jingle Cruise
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
County Bear Jamboree
Liberty Square
The Haunted Mansion
Princess Fairytale Hall
Peter Pan's Flight
Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
"it's a small world"
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Mad Tea Party
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid
Storybook Circus
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
The Barnstormer
Astro Orbiter
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
Space Mountain
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
Tomorrowland Speedway
2019 - Magic Kingdom Park Attractions Get an All-New Holiday Twist for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
For the first time ever during MVMCP, select Magic Kingdom attractions are receiving special enhancements just for the holidays!
When you get behind the wheel on the Tomorrowland Speedway, you’ll find yourself cruising a festive freeway filled with thousands of lights and stylized décor.
The crew at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is putting some “Ha Ha Ha” in their “Ho Ho Ho,” with a new show for everyone visiting the Monster World during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.
Space Mountain launches you on a trippy jaunt through the cosmos, filled with dazzling lighting and high-energy holiday tunes.
The Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland becomes a wild and wacky Christmas party, as you spin your teacups to one of four new holiday combos of lights and music.

:santa:Should I attend?
Is MVMCP worth it? IMO it is most definitely worth the price at least once. I thoroughly enjoyed MVMCP, and we plan to attend 2 parties this year (fingers crossed for dates). It’s definitely worth it if your budget allows.
There’s plenty of special entertainment, special decorations and lighting, and lots of unique character meet and greets.
If you decide to attend MVMCP, make sure to purchase your tickets in advance, and use any available discounts (i.e. DVC, AP, etc,).
Tickets are more expensive on the day of the party, and several nights each year sell out completely.

:santa: Party Crowds
MVMCP is a special ticket event with a limited amount of tickets sold. It has been discussed that more tickets are being sold as of late. However, due to Party Entertainment, crowds tend to be more concentrated around the events, especially the parade and fireworks. November party dates will almost always be less busy than December dates, and Tuesdays are usually less crowded than parties offered on other days of the week. Day of the week tends to matter as well, with Monday through Thursday evenings being less busy than the weekend events.
:santa:Can I purchase Memory Maker for MVMCP ONLY?
Yes, Disney PhotoPass now offers Memory Maker (MM) One Day (Disney PhotoPass Website Updated on 3/25/16).
The Memory Maker Window begins at 6:00am EST on the day you use the 1D theme park admission with which MM is bundled at purchase or if MM was purchased separately, the date the photo selected on the MDE app, or of applicable, on MyDisneyPhotoPass.com when purchasing MM or when linking a previously purchased MM code to your Disney account and ends at 5:59am EST on the following day.(i.e. The 1D Memory Maker can be purchased in the app, after you have a photo loaded into your account, click on the photo, and you will get the option to purchase either the 30-day MM for $169, or the 1-day MM for $69).
PhotoPass photographers will take Magic Shots during the party where you will pose and when you see the photos afterward, you'll see something magically inserted into the photo.
Email: disneyphotopass_support@disneyworld.com or Call 407-560-4300

Magic Shots
Disney PhotoPass Photographers will be available to capture Special Holiday Themed Magic Shots at the Main Entrance, Town Square, Main Street, U.S.A., the Castle Hub and in front of The Haunted Mansion.
There are some returning options this year and new options for 2019.

(See Post #2 for Full Details)

:santa: Are there any Dining Options?
Dining is available at select counter service and snack locations throughout the park, but is very limited once the party begins. It’s probably wise to eat your main evening meal prior to attending the party.
Counter Service Dining Locations Open During Party:
Main Street U.S.A.
Main Street Bakery
Plaza Ice Cream
Casey's Corner
The Crystal Palace (to 8pm) - Table Service
Aloha Isle
Pecos Bill (to 11pm)
Liberty Square
Columbia Harbor House (to 8pm)
Sleepy Hollow
Liberty Square Market (to 9pm)
Storybook Treats
Gaston's Tavern (to 10pm)
Be Our Guest Restaurant (to 10pm) - Table Service
Cinderella's Royal Table (to 10pm) - Table Service
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
The Lunching Pad
Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies
Holiday-themed specialty treats are available at the following locations:
These treats will only be available within the Magic Kingdom during MVMCP.
Main Street Bakery: Holiday Cinnamon Roll (Mickey shaped cinnamon roll garnished with red and green icing and Mickey Santa hat) and Olaf’s Frozen Hot Chocolate (Gluten friendly chocolate cake, layered with chocolate crisps, chocolate panna cotta and marshmallow fluff)
Casey’s Corner: Snowflake Brownie (Chocolate brownie decorated with a snowflake, piped with icing)
Plaza Ice Cream Parlor: To Be Jolly Float (Minnie Mouse inspired peppermint iced coffee, vanilla ice cream, topped with crushed peppermint and a Minnie Mouse chocolate bow)
Sunshine Tree Terrace (Adventureland): An Orange Bird Christmas (Orange scented white chocolate mousse filled with orange curd, a candied orange peel on top of a citrus almond cream)
Aloha Isle: Cherry & Pistachio Float (Cherry and Pistachio flavored soft-serve swirled together, served on top of cold hot chocolate) and Kakamora Float (Coconut soft-serve served on top of pineapple juice, blue curacao syrup and garnished with a chocolate Kakamora cake pop)
Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (Frontierland): Sven’s Carrot Cake (Carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing, sugar carrots and a Sven chocolate piece), Jolly Tamale Christmas (Three house-made tamales filled with shredded chicken and a trip to the fixings bar) and Christmas Churros (Mini churros topped with red and green sprinkles)
ODV (Outdoor Vending) Churro Carts: Christmas Churros (Mini churros topped with red and green sprinkles)
Sleepy Hollow (Liberty Square): Santa Mickey Waffle Sundae (Red velvet Belgium Mickey Santa waffle served with mint chocolate chip ice cream drizzled with caramel, candied pecans and powdered sugar)
Gaston's Tavern (Fantasyland): Gaston’s Cheese Dip (Beer cheese dip with smoked bacon served with antler shaped breadsticks)
Storybook Treats (Fantasyland): Gingerbread Sundae (Gingerbread soft-serve sundae topped with whipped cream, biscuit pieces served in a Minnie dot boat with a Minnie waffle wafer topper)
Auntie Gravity’s (Tomorrowland): Christmas Cookie Sundae (Cookie flavored soft-serve, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a chocolate piece served in a Minnie dot boat) and Christmas Cookie Milkshake (Cookie butter flavored milkshake topped with whipped cream and a Mickey marshmallow straw)
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe (Tomorrowland): Carved Turkey Sandwich (Oven Roasted Turkey BLT- Roasted Turkey, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Smoked Gouda, Chipotle Garlic Aioli, Lettuce, and Tomato on a Roll served with French Fries or Apple Slices) and Deck the Halls (Frozen Eggnog and Confetti Sprinkles topped with whipped cream and a novelty light up Christmas bulb)
Cool Ship: Tis the Season (Jet chilled orange Fanta mixed with cranberry juice and green apple boba)

Throughout the Park: Popcorn (Popcorn Carts) & Red and Green Sugar Churro (Churro Carts)

Treats Offered All Day, Every Day Throughout the Holiday Season
Casey's Corner:
Snowflake Brownie
Main Street Bakery: Olaf’s Frozen Hot Chocolate Cake, Holiday Mickey Cinnamon Roll (Red and green icing garnished with a Mickey Santa Hat)
Storybook Treats (Fantasyland):
Gingerbread Sundae
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe (Tomorrowland): Deck the Halls

Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies (Tomorrowland) - Closes @ 5pm on Party Nights: Christmas Cookie Milkshake, Christmas Cookie Sundae
Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (Frontierland): Christmas Churros
Outdoor Vending Churro Carts: Christmas Churros
Aloha Isle (Adventureland): Cherry & Pistachio Float
Sleepy Hollow (Liberty Square): Santa Mickey Waffle Sundae

Foodie Guide to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 at Magic Kingdom Park

:santa: Snow on Main Street, U.S.A.
This isn’t “real” snow, it is actually imitation snow. There is a “snowfall” on Main Street (Between Casey's Corner & the Emporium) before the parades and then at the end of the evening. There is also snow on Main Street after the fireworks. It can snow intermittently on Main Street, but there is not snow during A Frozen Holiday Wish or the Fireworks. There is also snow in Tomorrowland immediately following A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas Show.

:santa:What are the times for Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade?
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade runs at 8:30pm and 11:00pm.

It has been discussed that the second parade is less crowded than the first. There are advantages and disadvantages to both depending on your party size/age and party plans.

FYI: The parade route begins in Frontierland, follows the waterway until it reaches Liberty Square, crosses the Liberty Square bridge, circles Central Plaza in front of Cinderella's Castle, then heads down Main Street, U.S.A., where it ends next to Harmony Barbershop.

2019: Forky from Toy Story has been added to the parade.

:santa:What time is Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks?
Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks shows at 10:00pm.
Holiday Wishes - Celebrate the Spirit of the Season (2018 and Prior).

Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks is Exclusive to MVMCP, but will run from December 23-29 at 10pm.

The Walt Disney World Transportation, including the boat launches, bus and monorail stations, all continue to run during and after Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

Disney Springs: One-way bus service from the 4 Disney theme parks operates daily from 4:00 PM until 11:00 PM or 2 hours after theme parks close, whichever is earlier.

:santa: Weather
Please note that the party will go on regardless of weather, so even if it's pouring down raining, it will take place.

What is the weather like in November and December?
Average high temperature: 78°F/72°F
Average low temperature: 58°F/51°F
Mean temperature: 68°F/62°F
Record high temperature: 90°F (1957)/89°F (2000)
Record low temperature: 28°F (1970)/19°F (1989)
Average Precipitation: 2.14 in./2.89in.

:santa:Does MVMCP end before Christmas?
The actual SPECIAL EVENT (MVMCP) does end on the selected date, however, they still have the Christmas Parade for FREE in the Magic Kingdom after the last scheduled MVMCP for you to enjoy in case you cannot attend MVMCP! You should try your best to attend though!

:santa: Can I make ADRs in the Magic Kingdom WITHOUT a party ticket?
Yes, you can make your reservations up until 6:00pm. Please note you will be asked to leave the property as soon as your dining experience is complete. If you have not purchased a MVMCP ticket, you can purchase a same day ticket IF the party has not sold out.

:santa: Should I eat in a Disney Restaurant while the party is going on? Will I miss something?
This is subjective, and you will see conflicting opinions posted on various threads. Remember - you can enter the park at 4pm if you have purchased a MVMCP ticket. Most agree that you should eat either before, or during the 4-7pm time periods so you DO NOT waste time/miss the Christmas Festivities.

At Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, 3 of the most popular table-service restaurants in Magic Kingdom park will be open.
Be Our Guest
Cinderella's Royal Table
The Crystal Palace

Dining reservations are available from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM.
Please check the MVMCP Dining Page for Specific Times of Each Restaurant.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets are required to book dinner or dessert party reservations. No exceptions will be made.

Valid tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are required to make reservations and are not included in the price of dining or dessert party packages.

Advance reservations are strongly recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to arrival.

Reservations will not be available through each restaurant’s dining page for the duration of the event.

Restaurant menus will remain the same during the event.

Crystal Palace Character Dining will remain the same—Character appearances are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Disney Dining Plans will be accepted at all 3 participating restaurants.

Call (407) 939-3463 to purchase party tickets and make dining/dessert party reservations or book online @ https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/d...eys-very-merry-christmas-party-table-service/.

:santa:Is there a Premium Dining Package and/or Dessert party?
Yes, 3 packages are available.

Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party! (Returning for 2019)
The festive and joyous experience will take place from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. (beyond the party’s midnight end time!) at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at Magic Kingdom Park. You and your party can raise a glass to the spirit of the seasons as you mingle in and out of this holly, jolly party to enjoy an assortment of themed food and beverage offerings, including beer and wine in a fun, festive atmosphere complete with a beautiful view of Town Square, upbeat holiday hits, and décor. The evening will also feature entertainment by the one and only Tony himself.

You will be excited to indulge in savory hors d’oeuvres including a selection of artisanal meats and cheeses as well as Tony’s famous meatballs and more! And if you’re wanting to satisfy that sweet tooth, a variety of desserts will also be available. Yum! But that’s not all! At 11:00 p.m., you have reserved viewing for the enchanting “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade” as it makes way down Main Street, U.S.A.

Please note, seating is available for guests as they dine on a first come, first serve basis and shared seating is encouraged amongst guests to enjoy both the food and company the party has to offer.

Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party is available for $99 per person (plus tax) every Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party event night at Magic Kingdom Park. Admission to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is required to attend.

Reservations available online,
https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/magic-kingdom/most-merriest-town-square-party/?CMP=ILC-DPFY19Q4wo0711190060A or by calling 407-939-3463.

Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace (Previously Fireworks Holiday Dessert Party)
Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Dessert Party costs $84 for adults or $50 for children (ages 3 to 9), tax not included. A separate Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party ticket is also required and is not included in the price of the package. Call (407) 939-3463 to reserve your premium package or book online, https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/magic-kingdom/wishes-fireworks-holiday-dessert-party/.

Before Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks show—at a table decked with boughs of holly—discover a bountiful dessert buffet featuring a host of holiday-themed cupcakes and desserts prepared by our pastry chef, along with a bountiful buffet of sweet treats—like chocolate-dipped strawberries, ice cream, a selection of cheeses and fresh, seasonal fruits; a variety of beverages like specialty Christmas drinks, sparkling cider, signature lemonades, hot chocolate, coffee and tea.

Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Dessert Party with Plaza Garden Viewing (Previously
Fireworks Holiday Dessert Party)
Location: Dessert party held at Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant at Magic Kingdom park, with fireworks viewing in the Plaza Garden.

As showtime nears, Cast Members will escort you to a prime standing area in the Plaza Garden for priority viewing of the nighttime fireworks show. Then, watch in amazement as the skies ignite and Cinderella Castle glows with enchanting illuminations.
Pricing: This experience is $69 plus tax for Guests ages 10 and older, and $41 plus tax for Guests ages 3 to 9.
How to Book: Call (407) 939-3463 to reserve your premium dessert party package or book online, https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/d...ickeys-very-merry-christmas-party-plaza-view/.

MVMCP Entertainment

A Frozen Holiday Wish
Queen Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff from Frozen appears twice each evening to get the Castle Dream Lights lit up for the night in a 7 minute show.
Times: 8:15pm
Dates: November 3 - December 31, 2019 (Nightly).
The first show (for MVMCP) is at 6:10pm on November 8th to kick off the start of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party & the Holiday Season. On MVMCP nights, the show occurs twice nightly. On regular Magic Kingdom days, the show occurs once nightly @ 6:15pm.

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade
Steps off in Frontierland. Marching toy soldiers, reindeer, gingerbread men, classic characters dressed in their holiday best and Santa Claus himself appear in this super fun parade. There is a “snowfall” on Main Street before the parades and then at the end of the evening.
Kringle Krew Pre-Parade (Center Street): A street act combining hip-hop elements with traditional Christmas entertainment for a pre-parade party.
Times: 8:30pm and 11:00pm

NEW Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks
Replacing Holiday Wishes - Celebrate the Spirit of the Season
Times: 10:00pm
The Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks show will be brought to party guests by the Hostess with the Mostess, Minnie Mouse! Beloved holiday songs featured in the show will include Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, Up on the House Top, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration
Mickey and his pals invite some of their friends over for an unforgettable Christmas party filled with music, dancing, color and fun. Look for Woody and Jessie from “Toy Story,” Fantasyland friends such as Peter Pan and Snow White, and many more! “Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration” will be presented on the Cinderella Castle Forecourt Stage.
Times: 7:40pm, 9:25pm, 10:30pm & 11:55pm

A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas Show (Rockettower Plaza Stage)
Holiday-themed intergalactic stage show that involves characters from Tomorrowland attractions. Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, and Mike Wazowski join a singing host and cast of dancers to entertain guests with holiday songs. A story about Stitch's efforts to bring Santa Claus to the show from the sky since he doesn't understand the meaning of Christmas.
Times: 7:45pm, 8:35pm, 9:25pm, 10:45pm & 11:35pm

Storybook Circus Disney Junior Jingle Jam (Returning for 2019)
Disney Junior Jingle Jam was added to the entertainment offerings for the 2018 MVMCP. It will be a dance party that occurs in Storybook Circus. The Halloween version offered the premiere of Vampirina along with Doc McStuffins. Timon, Doc McStuffins, Vampirina & Fancy Nancy will appear for the Disney Junior Jingle Jam.
Time: 7:00pm - 12:00am

The Edge Effect (Returning for 2019) - Replaced VoicePlay) - Rockettower Plaza Stage
This The Edge Effect is a popular, Orlando-based acapella act. The group is comprised of Danny Alan, Troy Dolendo, Sean Gerrity, John Gibson II and Karl Hudson. Travelling the world, they strive to prove that singers do not need Autotune and computers to put on a great show for all ages. Their music is as diverse as they are; offering a wide array of styles and showcasing influences that span decades.
Times: 8:10pm, 9:00pm, 10:20pm & 11:10pm

Club Tinsel Dance Party @ Cosmic Ray's featuring Reindeer, Polar Bears & Elves
Time: 7:00pm - 12:00am

Reindeer Wranglers led by Quickdraw Phillips (Returning for 2019)
A group of Reindeer Wrangling Cowboys that will provide comedy and festive song in Frontierland.
Times: 7:15pm, 8:05pm, 9:30pm, 10:30pm & 11:45pm

Top-Five Things You Must Do at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Everything You Need to Know About Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom Park

Exclusive MVMCP Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom Card

Exclusive Merchandise
Disney always has exclusive MVMCP merchandise available to purchase during their parties. It has been mentioned that the easiest place to find items is Mickey's Star Traders for the full assortment of event merchandise. Items include limited-edition MVMCP trading pins, event t-shirts, a special edition MagicBand, and other collectibles.

Party Exclusive merchandise is available at the following locations:
Big Top Souvenirs, Emporium, Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe and Mickey's Star Traders

Decorative apparel such as spirit jerseys and T-shirts adorned with Holiday icons will be available during the party along with joyful keepsakes like a commemorative MagicBand, a mug for hot cocoa, and a dated Christmas tree ornament.

Dated limited edition pins will be available featuring Mickey, Minnie and other Holiday friends.

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will have an opportunity to purchase an exclusive party T-shirt and limited release pin.

Party-Exclusive Holiday Novelty Souvenirs
(Only Available While Supplies Last)
Mickey Light-Up Tree Premium Popcorn Bucket – Various popcorn carts throughout the park

Sven Sipper – Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café and Gaston’s Tavern

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
Reservations for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (407-WDW-STYLE or 407-939-7895) should be made as far in advance as possible. Available at Disney Springs (Behind Once Upon a Toy) and at Magic Kingdom (Inside Cinderella's Castle). These locations book up fast , especially on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party nights!

Dreaming of a Disney Holiday

Holiday dreams can come true for loved ones with this exclusive Disney Christmas In-Room Celebration. Return to your Walt Disney World® Resort room to find a Christmas door banner to welcome loved ones. Then, open the door to discover a room full of Disney surprises! Luminaries cast a warm holiday glow, lighting the way to three Santa-inspired collapsible bins filled with gifts and treats from Mickey, Minnie and Pluto! Mickey’s bin is filled with popular Disney snacks and goodies to make your holiday stay sweet! Minnie included two Disney holiday pillows and pillowcases, along with a soft and comfy blanket to help make your resort room a home-away-from-home. Pluto thought it would be fun to include costume props and krispy rice treats shaped liked dog bones. If you’re Dreaming of a Disney Christmas, you will love this magical celebration! Offering is subject to change without notice and may depend on current availability of selected product.
Please note other Christmas options are available.
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Magic Shots 2019
Capturing Memories During Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Disney PhotoPass will capture your photos during the party so you can focus on the fun and remember it all long after the sleigh bells stop ringing. With six onboard attraction photo capture opportunities, numerous Character Experiences, holly-jolly props (my favorite is the Tinker Bell lantern available near Enchanted Tales with Belle), Magic Shots, Animated Magic Shots, and scenic photo spots adorned in holiday décor, you won’t want to miss a single memory!

Be sure to ask each photographer you visit during the party which Magic Shots are available at that location.

This year you can even jingle all the way to the Disney PhotoPass Studio inside of Sir Mickey's in Fantasyland where a photographer will help you pose in front of a holiday backdrop with seasonal props. No reservations required.

Wondering how to download and share all of your Disney PhotoPass photos captured during the party? Unwrap a special offer that’s sure to keep your spirits bright: Stop by the Disney PhotoPass Sales Center inside of Town Square Theater during your party to save $10 on Memory Maker One Day!*

*Memory Maker One Day offer is only available at Magic Kingdom Park’s Town Square Theater during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party event nights only from November 8 to December 22, 2019. Offer is not available at other locations, online or in the My Disney Experience app and cannot be applied to previous purchases. Disney PhotoPass Service and Memory Maker are subject to the applicable terms and policies. Includes photos taken during the applicable Memory Maker Window as defined in such terms (generally, photos taken (i) within one day for Memory Maker One Day or (ii) within 30 days from the date of first activation for standard Memory Maker). A MagicBand is required to receive certain attraction photos and other digital content. Online registration required. Disney PhotoPass Photos in your account will expire pursuant to the expiration policy. Downloads are restricted to personal use only. Not responsible for missing, lost or damaged photos. Subject to restrictions and change without notice. Valid theme park admission required for certain photo locations.

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MVMCP Exclusive Merchandise & Holiday Merchandise
:santa: MVMCP Exclusive MagicBand

:santa: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Get’s a Spirit Jersey this year!
Disney Spirit Jersey Collection Is About To Get In The Holiday Spirit! Several Holiday Options available.

:santa: New Joyful Merchandise Available For Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party


Exclusive Party Pins
2019 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Pins
These exclusive MVMCP pins are available at Magic Kingdom during event hours. Please note that all items will be available while supplies last.

Locations where pins will be sold at Magic Kingdom:
Main Street, U.S.A. – Emporium (apparel, retail MagicBand, pins, ornament)
Storybook Circus – Big Top Souvenirs (apparel, retail MagicBand, pins, ornament)
Tomorrowland – Mickey’s Star Traders (apparel, logo pin, ornaments)
Liberty Square – Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe (apparel, logo pin, ornaments)
Fantasyland – Fantasy Faire (apparel, logo pin, ornaments)
Frontierland – Frontier Trading Post (pins and retail MagicBand)


Holiday Merchandise
🎄 Holiday Novelty Souvenirs Offered Daily (Only Available While Supplies Last)
  • Holiday Base Popcorn Bucket – Various popcorn carts throughout the park
  • Mickey Jingle Bell Sipper –Sleepy Hollow and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café
  • Mickey Gingerbread Straw Clip – Quick-service restaurants throughout the park

🎄 Disney-Themed Holiday Refillable Mugs
Will be on sale November 12. However, some were able to get today (11/7) at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, but they had to be put away.

The Disney Holiday Refillable Mugs are available in the Quick Service Dining Area at your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. The refills include soft drinks and coffee at all Walt Disney World Resort Hotels.
2 Purchase Options:
Mugs are available to each Walt Disney World Resort Guest age 3 or over that has a dining plan on their package.
If you do not have a dining plan, you can purchase the Disney Holiday Refillable Mugs for $21.29 with tax.


🎄Christmas Holiday 2019 Collection by Disney Dooney and Bourke
This collection will be released Friday, November 8, 2019 at Disney Parks.
11/8/19: Available on shopDisney (Tote & Satchel)

Options: Tote, Satchel & Crossbody
2019 Passholder Exclusive Tote


🎄Gingerbread Mickey and Minnie Ears – $29.99

🎄Disney Starbucks Tumbler - $24.99
World of Disney in Downtown Disney

🎄Loungefly’s Holiday Park Treat Mini Backpack

🎄Loungefly’s Santa Mickey Mini Backpack

🎄Disney Alex and Ani Holiday Bracelets (7/29/19 - Coming Soon)
he new designs are a Holiday Sweater, Peppermint Mickey Mouse ears with a Minnie Mouse Treat and a charm that says “The Yummiest Time of Year.”

🎄Disney Holiday CROCS Have Been Spotted!
Grab a pair at Disney Showcase on Main Street in Disneyland today!
And we’re guessing these are already popping up somewhere in Disney World as well!

These special light-up holiday crocs are sure to bring joy and merriment and EXTREME COMFORT to your holiday office parties, family gatherings, or frankly any day of the year! We won’t judge! The design of the croc features iconic castles, Mickey and Minnie, as well as Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, snowflakes, and even a truck hauling a Christmas tree. The crocs feature a light-up wreath detail which actually LIGHTS UP WHEN YOU WALK. The inside of the croc is lined with a warm, fuzzy faux fur sure to warm your spirits and your feet.

🎄Holiday Prepackaged Snacks @ Epcot's Mouse Gear
Gummi Snowmen - $8.99

Cotton Candy - $5.99

Hot Cocoa - $12.99
This set includes Candy Cane, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate S’mores flavors!

Chocolate Assortment - $14.99
Many flavors of chocolate bars it comes with including some classics like Eggnog, Milk Chocolate Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Crunch, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Sea.

🎄 Get a Whiff of the New SCENTED Holiday Snack Plush in Epcot!
Gingerbread Mickey Plush
Disney Traders - $26.99

Peppermint Mickey
Mouse Gear - $26.99

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Holiday Happenings
:santa:Holiday Dine @ Hollywood and Vine
Date: Begins November 4, 2019
Deck the halls at a dazzling dinner party filled with holiday cheer and the joy of the season!
Minnie’s Holiday Dine is a Christmas-themed character meal at Hollywood and Vine @ Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Join Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy for a dinner celebration centered on seasonal 'deliciousness' with menu items commemorating winter holidays. Guests can pose for pics with Disney Characters, meet others as they stop by, and participate in table activities geared to the theme. Plus, the party gifts make great souvenirs! Fantasmic! Dining Packages Available.

:santa:Epcot International Festival of the Holidays
Candlelight Processional
Experience the story of Christmas with a celebrity narrator, a 50-piece orchestra and a full choir.
Each night, a celebrity narrator tells the biblical tale of a savior born to a virgin in Bethlehem. All the while, gorgeous choral pieces are woven into the production as an orchestra and choir provide and inspirational backdrop with songs of hope and joy.

Candlelight Processional Dining Packages are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner—each meal includes an appetizer, entrée and dessert or one full buffet (where applicable), along with a non-alcoholic beverage. Simply select a restaurant, savor the sumptuous cuisine, then take your seat—the sights and sounds of this joy-filled family tradition are sure to lift spirits! This experience requires 2 Dining Credits on the Disney Dining Plan. Beginning July 3, 2019, you can reserve your spot at this limited-time experience.

To reserve your Candlelight Dining Packages, please call (407) WDW-FEST or (407) 939-3378, or book online
https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/epcot/candlelight-dinner-packages/. If you’re a Disney Vacation Club Member, you may book online or by calling Member Services at (800) 800-9800.

Dates: November 29 - December 30, 2019

Times: 5:00pm, 6:45pm & 8:15pm
Min-Na Wen - November 29 through December 1
Neil Patrick Harris - December 2 through December 5
Whoopi Goldberg - December 6 and 7
Isabella Rossellini - December 8 through 10
Chita Rivera Alton Fitzgerald White - December 11 and 12
Gary Sinise - December 13 through 15
Pat Sajak - December 16 through 18
Warwick Davis Geena Davis - December 19 through 21
Steven Curtis Chapman - December 22 through 24
Edward James Olmos - December 25 and 26
Marlee Matlin - December 27 and 28
Lisa Ling - December 29 and 30

Chip & Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree
Chip & Dale are on a scavenger hunt, collecting ornaments for their Christmas tree—and they need your help! To get started, simply purchase a map and stickers from select merchandise locations, including Pin Central, Disney Traders and World Traveler at International Gateway.

As you travel around World Showcase, be on the lookout for Chip & Dale as they gather ornaments from holiday decorations in each World Showcase pavilion. Once you spot them, add the corresponding ornament sticker to your map. Then, take your completed map to Disney Traders or World Traveler and exchange it for a festive surprise, courtesy of Chip & Dale!

Maps are $6.99 plus tax, and are available throughout Epcot while supplies last.

Note: Valid theme park admission is required.

Holiday Kitchens
Savor treasured seasonal recipes from around the globe at special kiosks throughout World Showcase.

Holiday Cookie Stroll

Returns this year to Epcot’s International Festival of the Holidays.
You can enjoy an array of delicious sweet treats during the Holiday Cookie Stroll. As you explore the World Showcase, you can stop by the official cookie stroll locations featured in your Festival Passport and purchase any 5 cookies. With each cookie, you can collect a matching stamp to add to your passport! Once you’ve collected 5 stamps, bring the stamped Passport to the designated redemption Holiday Kitchen to receive a complimentary cookie!

Date: Begins November 29

JOYFUL! A Celebration of the Season
Experience the joy of Christmas and Kwanzaa in the uplifting Gospel, R&B, and holidays songs of the ‘Joyful!’ vocal ensemble, with daily performances at the Future World Fountain Stage.

An International Yuletide Extravaganza
Discover a festival like no other, featuring the joyous holiday traditions of our 11 World Showcase nations. Epcot International Festival of the Holidays surrounds you in the wondrous sights, sounds and flavors of the season, as celebrated by cultures near and far.

Come and delight in stirring live musical productions. Savor seasonal food & beverage specialties at the expanded Holiday Kitchens. And take a festive global tour—as costumed performers bring time-honored traditions to life throughout World Showcase!

:santa:Hollywood Studios
Flurry of Fun

Embrace magical merriment with falling snow, décor and more—at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The show features scenes from a variety of Disney holiday films and scenes like Prep & Landing, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Beauty and the Beast and more. The show also incorporates lights, lasers, projected imagery, fireworks and more to bring the holidays to guests on the Chinese Theater.

November 8th, 2019 - January 5th, 2020

Sunset Seasons Greetings
Stop by Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see Sunset Boulevard transform into a laser-filled winter wonderland.

Holiday Cheer at Toy Story Land
Play big amidst whimsical holiday touches in Andy’s backyard—only at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!

Head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for an annual snow-stopping spectacular filled with fireworks and special effects!

Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Dessert Party
Delight in holiday-inspired snacks, delicious desserts, wine, beer, and specialty alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in this specially ticketed add-on event. The event will also be sporting a new location along Echo Lake, offering a beautiful view of the Christmas Tree while guests eat!
Like last year, a ticket will get you access to a dessert party along with reserved viewing for Wonderful World of Disney Animation and the holiday firework and projection show - Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!

Holiday-inspired snacks will include, warm cheese fondue with pretzel bread, roasted onion dip with kettle chips, winter-spiced trail mix, Yule log cake, caramel apple verrine, and more. There will also be festive holiday cookies and assorted beverages such as a gingerbread martini and hot chocolate. A character meet and greet will also be part of the experience.

Pricing for this year has increased by $10, and is date-based.

  • November 8 to December 21, 2019: $89 per adult; $53 per child ages 3 to 9 (tax and gratuity included)
  • December 22, 2019 to January 1, 2020: $99 per adult; $59 per child ages 3 to 9 (tax and gratuity included)
  • January 2 to January 5, 2020: $89 per adult; $53 per child ages 3 to 9 (tax and gratuity included)
Reservations are now open, and can be made by calling 407-WDW-DINE or online. Admission to Disney's Hollywood is required.

Annual passholders can now save 20% on the Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Holiday Dessert Party at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The passholder discount is eligible on party nights from November 8th through the 23rd, 2019.

To book the Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Holiday Dessert Party using your annual passholder discount, can call (407) WDW-PASS.

:santa: Magic Kingdom
Jingle Cruise
Jingle Cruise, the holiday overlay edition of the Jungle Cruise, opens November 2 for the 2019 Christmas season at the Magic Kingdom. Debuting in 2013, the Jingle Cruise is back for another year, which sees holiday props, music and script changes added to the traditional Jungle Cruise attraction in Adventureland.

Frozen Holiday Wish
A Frozen Holiday Wish will begin nightly from November 3 at 6:15pm.

Holly Jolly Trolley Show
During the daytime, the Holly Jolly Trolley Show will see a return to the Magic Kingdom, and the Holiday Finale returns to Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire.

:santa: Disney's Animal Kingdom
Festive new entertainment and holiday décor in every land of the park, from DinoLand, U.S.A. to Pandora - The World of Avatar. On Discovery Island at the heart of the park, the magic of the holidays will truly come to life, with incredible experiences both day and night.

It all begins when you cross the bridge to Discovery Island, finding yourself in the midst of a celebration of winter, hand-crafted by the eclectic community of artists who make the island their home. The village is filled with sparkling white holiday decorations. Colorful, animal-inspired luminaries line the rooftops, and wireframe lanterns in the shape of beautiful birds can be found perched throughout the area.

A holiday gathering of winter animals – realized in the form of life-size, artisan-sculpted puppets – frolics on Discovery Island during the day. Reindeer, foxes, polar bears, penguins and more interact with guests, accompanied by serenading musicians as they create a playful atmosphere of festive fun.

As day becomes night, the rooftop luminaries and bird lanterns all around Discovery Island bring a warm and festive glow to the entire village. At the center of everything, the Tree of Life awakens with a series of wintry tales, complemented by a familiar and heartwarming holiday-inspired musical score. Between awakening moments, the Tree of Life continues to shimmer and sparkle throughout the night, alive with the magic of nature and the spirit of the holidays.

UP! A Great Bird Adventure
Discover the story of Diwali, India's festival of lights—at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.

:santa: Holidays at Disney Springs

Christmas Tree Trail
This delightful addition to the Disney Springs Christmas line-up will be back for its third year. The trail this year will feature an impressive 25 Christmas trees for visitors to view each with a fabulous Disney theme and now includes Santa's Chalet. Disney Springs is promising that the trees will be even bigger than last year’s offerings and will feature themes from such Disney classic films as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Peter Pan, and Dumbo. If you’re visiting Disney this holiday season you’ll definitely want to head over to Disney’s Downtown Shopping District to check it out.

Dates: November 8, 2019 to January 5, 2020

Breakfast with Santa Claus
Skip the long lines, enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, and get early shopping access! By popular demand, breakfast with Santa in Disney Springs returns again this year! Snap some memorable pictures of your family with Santa.

Buffet items include: Fluffy stacks of Texas Toast baked with Cinnamon and Warm Maple Syrup, sprinkled with Powdered Sugar and topped with Walnut, Bananas, and fresh Strawberries, applewood smoked bacon, biscuits and gravy, breakfast potatoes, breakfast turkey sausage, French toast sticks, mini pancakes, scrambled eggs, omelet and waffle stations, fresh fruit with yogurt, and assorted cereals and pastries. Milk, juices, tea, and coffee are also included.

Reservations are required and can be made by calling by 407.WDW.Dine or 407.939.3463. Tax and Gratuity are INCLUDED!

:santa: Filming schedule for the upcoming 2019 ABC Holiday Specials at Walt Disney World
Filming for the 2019 ABC Holiday Specials will take place this year November 7, 9 and 10 2019. (Dates subject to change)

Although subject to change, the schedule is for filming at Disney's Hollywood Studios on November 7, and Magic Kingdom on November 9 and 10.

There will be multiple TV shows, set to air throughout the holiday season, in November and December. Airing dates are still to be announced.

As in recent years, no parade will be filmed at Walt Disney World, but stage show performances including musical acts will be filmed in Florida. The parade will be filmed at Disneyland Resort in California.

Tickets will not be made available to guests, with Cast Members filling in the audience as extras. It may be possible to see parts of the filming from guest areas however.

This year ABC and Disney Channel will present three Holiday Specials featuring performances and entertainment from Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Here is a look at what you can expect to see when the shows air.

“The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration” kicks off the holiday season Thursday, Nov. 28, from 8-10 p.m. EST, on ABC and on the ABC app.

“Disney Channel Holiday Party @ Walt Disney World“ airs Friday, Dec. 13, from 8-8:30 p.m. EST/PST on Disney Channel and the DisneyNOW app.

“Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade” airs Wednesday, Dec. 25, from 10 a.m.–12 p.m. EST, 9-11 a.m. CST/MST/PST; airtimes vary, check listings, on ABC and on the ABC app.

Full Details: https://www.wdwmagic.com/events/holidays-at-the-magic-kingdom/news/07nov2019-performers-announced-for-the-abc-and-disney-channel-holiday-specials-from-walt-disney-world-and-disneyland.htm
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Special Offerings During The Holidays

🎄Holiday Dinning at Raglan Road
Looking for a great holiday meal for your family? Another Disney restaurant just released its seasonal menu!

As a return offering, Raglan Road will be offering special menu items from November 28th- December 25, 2019. Offerings include a butter and herb-roasted turkey breast served with roasted garlic mash, duck fat roasties, honey-glazed carrots, bacon-braised brussels sprouts, sausage meat and walnut stuffing, red wine jus, and cranberry sauce. If you are ready to deck the halls with this delectable meal, the cost is $28.95/adults. A half portion is available for kids at $14.00/child.

🎄 The Ultimate Disney Christmas Package
UPDATE: more packages have been made available.

Celebrate the magic of the holidays in The Most Magical Place on Earth with the Ultimate Disney Christmas Package at Walt Disney World Resort. Check in December 21, check out December 26, 2019, and enjoy an itinerary full of festive fun in between. You’ll even get to take advantage of some exclusive experiences just for Guests on this package.

Check out the included Yuletide offerings:

Saturday, December 21, 2019: EXCLUSIVE nighttime access to ride Avatar Flight of Passage, Na’vi River Journey and Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Plus, catch an EXCLUSIVE showing of the park’s new Rivers of Light: We Are One show.
Sunday, December 22, 2019: Tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom park.
Monday, December 23, 2019 or Tuesday, December 24, 2019 (one night per reservation): Access to an EXCLUSIVE reserved viewing area to watch Epcot Forever, an all-new nighttime spectacular. Plus, each Guest (ages 3 and up) will receive a digital $50 Epcot Theme Park Dine Promo Card to use at participating Epcot locations.
Wednesday, December 25, 2019: An Ultimate Disney Christmas gift delivered to your hotel room.

Beyond the Parks, you can even show your Ultimate Disney Christmas Package credentials to receive special discounts at participating Disney Springs locations throughout your stay!

Finally, this package also includes a 5-night stay at a select Disney Resort hotel and a 4-day theme park ticket with Park Hopper option. For example, for just $199 per person, per night (total package price of $3,980), a family of four can stay in a standard room at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, soak up 4 fun-filled days in the parks and enjoy all of the special activities and gifts included in the itinerary above.

Book now through November 23, 2019 to take advantage of this unique offer!

The number of rooms allocated for this offer is limited. The number of packages available for purchase is limited. Deposit due at time of booking. Valid theme park admission required to attend theme park events included in this package. Theme park ticket is valid for admission beginning on December 21, 2019 and must be used by December 27, 2019. Special event ticket to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is valid only on December 22, 2019.

This offer can only be booked by phone. Call (407) 939-5268 and speak with a vacation planning expert or contact your travel agent.
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Ghosts of Christmas Past
:santa: "Official" 2018 MVMCP Thread

2018 MVMCP Dates
November 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 25, 27, 29 & 30
December 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20 & 21

CM Discounted Parties
November 9, 12, 13 & 15

Sold Out Dates: 11/8 (11/8), 11/9 (11/9), 11/25 (11/24), 12/16 (12/9), 12/21 (12/19)

2018 Ticket Prices

Nov. 12, 13, 15 (adults/children): $101.18 / $95.85
Nov. 8, 9, 16, 25, 27, 29, 30 & Dec. 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16 (adults/children): $105.44 / $100.11
Nov. 30 & Dec. 7 (adults/children): $116.09 / $110.76
Dec. 18, 20 (adults/children): $122.48 / $117.15
Dec. 21 (adults/children): $133.13/ $127.80

:santa: "Official" 2017 MVMCP Thread

2017 MVMCP Dates
November 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 26 & 28
December 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21 & 22

Sold Out Dates: 11/9 (10/25), 11/26 (11/26), 11/28 (11/28), 12/1 (11/21), 12/5 (12/5),12/12 (12/12), 12/15 (12/15),12/17 (12/2), 12/21 (12/19) & 12/22 (12/6)

2017 Ticket Prices
General Purchase Pricing
November 9 - Adult: $94 + tax, Child: $89 + tax
November 10, 17, 26 & 28 - Adult: $95 + tax, Child: $90 + tax
November 12, 14 & 16 - Adult: $89 + tax, Child: $84 + tax
December 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14 & 17 - Adult: $95 + tax, Child: $90 + tax
December 8 & 15 - Adult: $99 + tax, Child: $94 + tax
December 9 & 5 - Adult: $96 + tax, Child: $91 + tax
December 19, 21 & 22 - Adult: $109 + tax, Child: $104 + tax

Annual Passholder Advance Pricing & Disney Vacation Club Advance Pricing
November 9 - Adult: $87 + tax, Child: $82 + tax
November 10, 17, 26 & 28 - Adult: $91 + tax, Child: $86 + tax
November 12, 14 & 16 - Adult: $82 + tax, Child: $77 + tax
December 1, 3, 5 & 12 - Adult: $91 + tax, Child: $86 + tax

Military Ticket Prices*
November 9 - Adult $67.75, Child $64.25
November 12, 14 & 16 - Adult $64.25, Child $60.75

:santa: "Official" 2016 MVMCP Thread

2016 MVMCP Dates
November: 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 27 & 29
December: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18 & 22

Sold Out Dates: November 18 (11/16); December 16 (12/15), 18 (11/30), 22 (11/29)

2016 Ticket Prices
Advance Purchase Pricing
November 10, 13 - Adult $86, Child $81
November 18, 27, 29 - Adult $92, Child $87
December 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13 - Adult $91, Child $86

Same Day Purchase Pricing
November 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15 - Adult $91, Child $86
December 1 - Adult $91, Child $86
November 18, 27, 29 - Adult $96, Child $91
December 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15 - Adult $96, Child $91
December 16, 18, 22 - Adult $99, Child $94

Annual Passholder Advance Pricing
November 7, 8, 11, 15 - Adult $84, Child $79
November 10, 13 - Adult $79, Child $74
December 1 - Adult $84, Child $79

Disney Vacation Club Advance Pricing
November 7, 8, 11, 15 - Adult $84, Child $79
December 1 - Adult $84, Child $79
November 10, 13 - Adult $79, Child $74
November 18, 27, 29 - Adult $89, Child $84
December 6 - Adult $89, Child $84
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MVMCP Reviews and Guest Party Plans
Guest Party Plans (Itineraries)

MVMCP 11/8 review

1:25: entered MK
1:30: photopass with tree
1:35-1:58: 7DMT with FP+ (ride had just been down and FP line was seriously backed up)
2-2:13: MVMCP merchandise at the Emporium (able to shop without party wristband by showing party ticket on MDE on phone. Merchandise was located in 3 different rooms- first room from MK entry had all the pins and magicband, second had passholder shirt and pin, 3rd room had all the other merchandise)
2:15: attempted to get in line for Jack and Sally and were rudely turned away by a CM who said only DVC could get in line and insisted this was the policy for 3 years even though we said at MNSSHP 1 week ago it wasn't the policy
2:20-3:05: in line at guest relations for them to eventually call over to TST and tell the CM he was wrong
3:10-4:42: 5th in line for Jack and Sally who started meeting at 4:30. (turned out 2 of the groups in front of us had the same rude interaction with the CM we did and all left guest relations within minutes of each other)
4:45-5: pictures in Main Street bypass
5:04-6:20: 1st in line for Nick and Judy who started meeting at 6:15. The meet and greet area wasn't set up yet when we got there but we managed to form an "unofficial" line off to the side until they had it set up
6:25-7:16: Snow and her prince and Aurora and Prince Philip: we were maybe the 9th or 10th group back in line
7:18-7:21: cookie from treat spot at Friar's Nook
7:28: grabbed spot on Main Street for 1st parade. Main Street was pretty decently filled at this point so when we saw a spot open we just went for it. Glad we did too because we saw the only snow on Main Street we saw that night (I assume because of the rain?)
7:45-8:05: left DBF holding parade spots and went to check us in for the Plaza dessert party. They started checking people in at 8 and gave me DBF's wristband to bring to him. I grabbed some snacks to bring back to our parade spot and went back.
8:50ish-9:09: parade reached us and finished. As others mentioned, a small Forky was added to the parade otherwise it was the same.
9:12-9:35: enjoyed the Plaza dessert party, being out of the rain and off our feet lol.
9:40-10:15ish: took some dessert over in hot beverage cups and some hot chocolate and coffee to the Plaza garden to watch fireworks. We liked the new show but with the rain and humidity and smoke, the castle was obscured for most of the show.
10:20-10:45: Scrooge and Donald and Minnie and Daisy in the Dumbo tent. One line to meet them both in pairs, probably about 8 people ahead of us when we got in line.
10:47-10:50: found that Goofy moved to the train station in Storybook Circus for the rain and met him with no wait.
10:51: checked on 7d line, still long, as per CM probably about 40 minutes
10:52-10:55: found Ariel and Eric meeting in the little alcove across from the grotto for the rain, no line at all
11-11:10: Tiana and Naveen and Rapunzel and Flynn at PFTH, wait was posted at 20 minutes but only 3 people in line
11:11-11:20: Elena and Cinderella and Prince Charming, wait posted at 10 minutes, only 1 person in line with us.
11:21: Friar's Nook treat stop, no line at all and they practically threw handfuls of cookies at us
11:22-11:33 Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, moved under cover by the Chesire Cafe for rain, line was short but they went on break as we got there so we alternated going through the treat spot at Cosmic Ray's while we waited
11:35-11:40: picture on Main Street
11:41-11:54- Mickey - when we got in line they were still letting people in the Jack and Sally line quoting an hour wait (which I don't believe lol)

We had planned to watch the last stage show but they'd all been delayed or cancelled all night for the rain and we were over being outside in the rain so we decided to abandon that plan. No idea if the show happened or not.

With the rain, some of the photopass moved to under the train station which let you get a shot with the whole Christmas tree and up at the train station which got the tree and castle so it was nice to get some different angles!

We got our last photopass at the entrance at 12:26 and left.

Overall thoughts: We're not new to the parties and the rain didn't hold us back from enjoying ourselves. A lot of people seemed to leave after the 1st parade and fireworks because of it and the second half of the party was so empty. If it is raining on your party night, try to tough it out and have a good time anyway! The second parade on our night was a rainy day cavalcade version so if seeing the parade is important to you, keep that in mind. If you wait for the 2nd and it's cancelled, there won't be another chance.

The Plaza dessert party- the desserts were nice, the fireworks viewing was good and nice to have but we won't do it again during a party. We like to watch the 1st parade to hit shorter character lines at the end of the night and the party doesn't fit into this well enough for us.
11/15 MVMCP report

We arrived pretty much right at 4. We stopped and got a few photos on the way in. We had a 3:40 FP for BTMRR that we went straight to.

PP (FP+)
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
A Frozen Wish (6:15)
Met Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet & Tigger (probably about a 45 minute wait)
Mad Tea Party
Met Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (maybe a 15-20 minute wait)
Met the 7 Dwarfs (probably about a 45 minute wait)
Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks
Monster's Inc Laugh Floor
Met Mary Poppins & Bert
11:00 parade
Space Mountain

We were going to try and meet Jack & Sally too, but the line was moving TOO SLOW and so we skipped out and went back to other stuff.

The 3 of us decided that we like the Christmas party better than the Halloween party (we went last year). This party was not as crowded as it was for us last year and we got a lot more done.
So I attended Thursday Nov 21.

I've definitely seen more crowded parties, but I've also seen emptier ones.

I was posting about my experiences briefly until I forgot.

Our main priorities were the parade, ride overlays and characters.

So here is what we managed to do with time stamps as close as I can get them:

2:30- left Cabana Bay in a Lyft. We didn't want to mess with the TTA so we had them drop us off at French Quarter and we took the MK bus from there

3:14- got on a bus at French Quarter

3:31- in line at the tapstyles. 20-30 people back, chose a line with mostly adults thinking it would go faster and it did.

3:38- they let us in

3:48- in line for Jack and Sally. Bit ridiculous, we were in line for them for a mNSSHP and lined up around 2:30, we were about one space back from where we were at MNSSHP for this MVMCP.

4:31- Jack and Sally start to meet

4:51- met Jack and Sally. Very crazy interaction. Those guys are intense and I'm actually unsure if they take it too far. They met a couple with a baby ahead of us and Jack said a comment about having a tiny coffin for the pint sized baby. I get what you're doing, but might wanna dial that back a bit Jack.

5- got Sorcerer's cards then hit up bypass for the shortbread cookie.

5:10- Jingle cruise FP, waited 10 minutes. Had a very funny skipper, Holly. I love the Jingle Cruise jokes

5:42- in line for Judy and Nick, 4 groups back.

5:50- got cookie butter milkshake and thought it was pretty bland.

6:20- met Nick and Judy

6:34- joined line for Rapunzel and Flynn, Tiana and Naveen. About 15 people in front of us. At this point you could just walk up to see Cinderella and Elena before Charming started.

7:27- met the characters. the line moved slowly because they each spend so much time with everyone.

7:38- in line for HM. Line took about 10 minutes. Nothing says Merry Christmas like grim grinning ghosts.

We were pretty dumb at this point. We hadn't had dinner which we usually always try to do before parties. I wanted to see the first parade from Main Street, so we thought we'd mobile order from Casey's and pick it up on the way.

Big mistake. We must have been waiting for our mobile order for over half an hour. Even when the app said it was ready we still had to stand there for another ten and stare at the counter before it showed up. It was very packed in there.

8:43- We finally got our food and booked it down a very packed Main Street. Usually the train station area has spots later than the actual street, but there was only one small space open facing the train station. As we'd soon find it, it was open because it was right over the sewer and apparently Disney sewers stink really bad?!

I mean, yes, I understand it's a sewer. But it was really, really bad smelling. Kind of weird for Disney.

So anyway, we ate over the stinking sewer while I thought of the Christmas Vacation movie and Uncle Eddie emptying his RV toilet into the sewer.

We got to see the little pre-parade entertainment with dancers with giant white balls. I kind of prefer the Creepa Crew from MNSSHP.

If anyone was wondering about parade arrival times, we were pretty much at the end of the parade route and the parade started at 9:30 and got to us around 8:50.

I like the parade, but not a huge fan of the song. Once upon a Christmas time at Christmas? Say Christmas one more time...just one more.

9:34- stopped to get some cookies then in line for POTC. Waited about 5 minutes.

Got some pretzels on our way around, was looking for roaming Country Bears but just saw one as he left.

10- fireworks started. We hadn't been impressed AT ALL by the new MNSSHP ones, so we decided just to watch from wherever we were. Mary and Bert had gone in for the fireworks, so we just hung out in Liberty Square and watched the fireworks from there. Most patriotic Christmas fireworks ever.

View attachment 454293

After fireworks were third in line for Mary and Bert.

10:19- met Mary and Bert

10:27- headed towards Storybook Circus, peeked into Princess Hall along the wall and there was no wait for Cinderella, Charming and Elena so we walked right in

10:40- in line for Ducks and Minnie

11:06- met Ducks and Minnie

Santa Goofys line was somewhat long so we decided to skip him for now.

11:17- decided to check on Tweedles, there was only 3 groups ahead of us so we met them.

11:30- did another walk through new Fantasyland on our way to check on Goofy. Eric and Ariel had a few groups in line so we met them.

Made it back to Storybook, decided to check on Dwarves, they shut the door literally as we arrived and said they were closed for the night at 11:34.

Watched the Disney Jr. Dance party. I understand kids like dance parties, but it seemed like a waste of 3 characters. There were 2 kids when we arrived and they were just standing staring at the characters.

Goofy's line was still long and I wanted to get on the Speedway. Instead, we checked on Belle whose line looked like it might allow us to make Speedway.

11:40- got in line for Belle

11:53- met Belle

Booked it to Speedway and made it in line at 11:56.

Thought Speedway was decently Christmasfied, but glad we didn't wait long. It wasn't that great.

Throughout the night we also collected some cookies and a pretzel. Were pretty sad though, we could never find our favorite peppermint cookies.

Overall we had fun at the party. I think they did a good job at changing up the fireworks (I didn't really like them, but at least they did something new). Also a good job with the ride overlays, but they could do with some new characters.

We also didn't see any snow on Main Street, even when we left after midnight. That was a let down.
On the bus after the party tonight. We had a great time and even though it was a sold out party and pretty crowded, we were able to do everything we wanted! We did (in order):
-met Jack and Sally (lined up around 2:20, was 2nd in line and met at 4:33)
-Bought some party merchandise
-Went through the bypass
-met Nick and Judy (lined up around 5:15ish, was 3rd in line, met at 6:17)
-Met Winnie the Pooh and friends (got in line around 6:20, met at 6:47)
-Met Aurora and Snow White with their princes (got in line around 6:50, met at 7:22)
-Did the Tinkerbell lantern photo (1 group in front of us so a short wait, did while in line for Aurora and Snow White by switching out)
-Met the Tweedles while waiting for Ariel & Eric at 7:42, was a short line with about 6-7 groups in front of me
-Met Ariel and Prince Eric (by far the longest line, got in line around 7:25 and met at 8:12)
-Got some cookies (all lines were super long so we only did this 3 times throughout the night)
-Met Minnie & Daisy with Scrooge and Donald at 8:39, a relatively short line
-Got the Zero magic shot
-Met Mickey with no line at 8:52
-Club Tinsel
-Met Mary Poppins and Bert (they were really hard to meet due to their schedule!!) - got in line around 9, they came out at 9:15 since they were in the parade and met at 9:26
-Got a photo with the green ornament
-Met Aladdin and Abu at 9:57
-Watched the fireworks by the Crystal Palace
-Met Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Elena at 10:26, line was very short
-Did some photos in the photo pass studio (Sir Mickey’s)
-11pm parade down Main Street
-Rode Space Mountain (this is a MUST and was very fun. the line was only 15 minutes at ~11:40ish)
-Did all the magic shots on Main Street between 12-1am
I recommend having a solid plan. We did a lot of running around the park and our feet hurt but it was so worth it! There was only 2 of us so I recommend switching out during character lines to get photos and cookies while the other person keeps the spot in line. Please ask if you have any questions!

MVMCP Reviews

We’re LIVE from the FIRST 2019 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in Disney World!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Magic Kingdom because the FIRST MVMCP of 2019 is OFFICIALLY taking place! This extra-ticket event will run on select nights in the Magic Kingdom from now through December 22, 2019, and we are here LIVE to bring you all the details on treats, merchandise, entertainment, and MORE!

For Full Details:
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  • KyleAfterAWhile

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    Jun 12, 2017
    Are the tickets refundable since you have to book so far in advance?
    Disney will work with you on a case-by-case basis. Example, you change your plans, your tickets are probably yours. You have a death in the family, somebody cannot make it, your vacation dates change, they will work with you.
    Official policy is that one purchased that is it, but Disney has been known to review the situation and make a decision from there.


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    May 8, 2016
    Disney will work with you on a case-by-case basis. Example, you change your plans, your tickets are probably yours. You have a death in the family, somebody cannot make it, your vacation dates change, they will work with you.
    Official policy is that one purchased that is it, but Disney has been known to review the situation and make a decision from there.
    Hmm, okay. So a 50-50 chance of a modification. Assuming there are still spaces open on another party night...


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    May 2, 2014
    Now that halloween tickets have gone on sale, when should we expect to see Christmas? March maybe?
    The March/April timeframe has been the norm, with party dates and tickets for both MNSSHP and MVMCP released together.

    My guess is that with the “late fall” opening of GE, and the early release of free dining and MNSSHP tickets, Disney is doing their best to entice as many people as possible to book “early fall.” I would not expect to see MVMCP details any earlier than normal, and maybe even later,as they brace for huge crowds at the end of the year.


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    Sep 23, 2018
    Wish we weregoing again this year!

    My nephew got sick while at the resorts a couple of years ago. Disney refunded their tickets in full and even comped them the day they missed at the parks.


    Feb 2, 2017
    Love the Christmas Party! We attended the first 2018 party (11/8) and I was surprised at how light the crowds seemed for a sold out party (cookie lines were quick and we didn't see a wait time above twenty minutes all night - except for Dwarfs, of course) until we went to the hub for Holiday Wishes and realized that's where everyone was all night, lol. Wall to wall people. We'll be visiting this year the week before Thanksgiving so definitely planning on going again. It's just such a fun time!


    Dec 5, 2017
    Very excited knowing that we will be attending one this year!! Went to our first in 2017!