Orthopedic boots at disney


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May 7, 2014
You previously posted on this and got some answers.

They will be hot, but if you need to wear them you need to wear them.

Having good socks will be important. Consider people who go hiking in the heat in proper hiking boots and the care they need to take for their feet in terms of having proper socks and extra socks. So boots in the heat is entirely doable if you have a plan.

I suggest bringing a couple extra pairs of socks in your park bag in case you need to change socks.

If you are taking a break mid-day at your hotel room, get the boots off and let your feet have a break from them if you can.

At night you will want to open them up so they can breathe and air out.

Are they waterproof ? Have a plan for when it rains / if there are puddles you have to navigate. Every trip we have taken to WDW it rains, and the rains are torrential downpours, even if they don't walways last too long. But they always result in some parts of the park having local flooding until it disspates.


Obi Wan Kenobi

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Sep 30, 2004
I wear orthopaedic shoes due to Charcot foot.
I don’t even try to walk round tge prks as I know I can’t do it.
So I book a powered scooter from one of the hire companies.