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Aug 8, 2020
Seems like a lot of us flying out of MHT to MCO have had our nice direct flight changed to a layover somewhere! I've had to do a lot of juggling to get new direct flights out of MHT for my quick solo trip to Disney for July 3 - 7th! New Flights now have me leaving MHT at 5:35am.....I'm 1.5 hrs away so guess I'm leaving my house now at 2:45am. My return day I had a nice late afternoon departure so I could go to the parks in the my flight takes off at 9:30am. A bit bummed to loose that morning at the parks. Hopefully they won't change my flights again!
This was us too! Good bye direct flights to and from MHT. L I ended up booking the direct flight for the night before and a night at the MCO Hyatt to get a head start on the trip rather than deal with the layover trip starting at 5:45am. The flights home start at 6:15am. Yikes.