Royal Caribbean Black Friday deals


Apr 11, 2005
The cruise prices went down a little bit from last week. We booked 2 cruises today. The Oasis on May 24. A ocean view balcony went from $2,412 to $2,262. A savings of $150. The Harmony on Aug 30 went from $2,255 to $2,200. A savings of $55 (X2 as I booked connecting cabins for this one).

In addition, as part of their Thanksgiving sale my travel agent paid my gratuities, gave me $150 OBC and a speciality dinner for 2. I would put that at a worth of $500 total.



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Jul 2, 2016
Thrill water park went from $99 to $73 for our January sailing. That is still high but I doubt it will go any lower for that sailing.


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Jan 11, 2011
I got the water park for $41.99 (Mariner 4 night April 2020) a couple months ago. It's $58.99 right now, so I'm glad I booked it when I did. Deluxe beverage package is $65, which is up from $61 last month. I didn't even make it work for me at $42 this year, so I am definitely skipping it. Refreshment is $19 right now, which would be a good deal for my husband (he drinks a few lattes per day), but he isn't going to be on this cruise so no need for it.
This year on Navigator (3 night May 2019) I could have gotten the Water Park for $24 with the Black Friday sale, but my husband wanted to scuba dive instead. As soon as we got on the ship, they called our stateroom to say the scuba excursion on CocoCay was canceled. My husband wanted to do the waterpark, but they were going to charge $65 to book it on the ship. He skipped it.
I'm hoping the price for the waterpark is reasonable for our Thanksgiving 2021 cruise, but I'm assuming it will be at least $70 on that one.


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Sep 13, 2009
We saved $2.50/day for the soda package and $3/day on the refreshment package for our Christmas cruise! Woohoo!