The Comedy of the Klutz!


Jun 13, 2013
Hi there fellow Disnerds.

Gather round for the appetizing, alarming, and rather amusing trip report from our short October 2-6 at Disney Animal Kingdom Jambo House.

The prep for this trip started over a year ago with a friend saying "We should do this EVERY year, ya know we're going to get annual passes". They decided to go but at 7 months out changed their dates leaving me holding a one bedroom standard view at Kidani, and that would have been cool except the one person still going with me had NEVER stayed at AKL and did not now the amazingness of Getting Drunk with Giraffes! So stalking happened and at 4 months and a few days I scored a One Bedroom Savanna View at Jambo! The relief I felt was real and the dance I did was questionable alarming, definitely amusing!!

Then the real planning begins!! First we lock in the Magical Express, then we plan out Food and Wine strategy to leave no Kitchen unexplored!! To do this I have a google spreadsheet with all of the food and drink options at every festival kitchen in the park laid out, then I added countif statements, so we could prioritize which ones had the most amount of interest and items we wanted to try. If anyone wants a link I can send it your way.

Then came the ridiculous t-shirts, I custom make all of the tshirts I wear, there are SO many cute options! Here is the one that I made for this trip.IMG_20190928_144654.jpg
The funniest part about this one is that every woman I met over about 40 REALLY liked this shirt and only ONE person got where the quote comes from!! Can any of you guess?
I also made all of our magic bands again, I did an Ursula, an Yzma and a New Zealand one. If anyone needs cut files for their Magicbands I have those and MORE ( seriously I have 63 customized magic bands and counting).

Next Up: The packing and the getting there, I promise the klutzy is coming!!