To a galaxy far far away: wait...Nov 2020 PTR


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Mar 28, 2011
Ok, I must admit...sometimes I have a weird sense of humor. Just two weeks ago, before ROTR debuted at Disneyland, the normal behavior of park guests at rope drop would be something like this:
  • turn stiles open
  • people walk with purpose down Main Street
  • other people walk leisurely, get coffee at Starbucks
  • other people take photos in front of the train station
  • other people give high 5's to the CMs standing out on Main Street wearing their big Mickey gloves
  • everybody lines up calm & orderly at the entrances to the various lands
  • then everybody walks with purpose to their first ride of the morning
  • crowds usually fairly low
But now that ROTR, it's a whole new ball game, especially on weekends! I heard that the wait to get into the Mickey & Friends parking garage was crazy this past Saturday morning. Big lines on the DTD side of security to get your bags checked. Massively long lines at the main gate. Turn stiles didn't open until 30 min before regular park opening, many people stressing out that they might not make it through before park opening time.

Then instead of there being plenty of room on Main Street and the "crowd" of people mostly collected at the entrances to the various "lands," there's people basically standing around in small groups just about everywhere. No one is racing to be at the front of the pack in order to be THE first person on Space Mtn or Peter Pan or anything like that. Basically THOUSANDS of people all standing around in small groups, everybody looking at their phones attentively like this:
park opening.png

Everybody watching the seconds tick by until the clock hits the top of the hour and then inside our heads, we all are doing this...
virtual queue.jpg

Just before the top of the hour, it's quiet on Main Street. Then 2-3 minutes later, there's a whole lot of this...

Then this also happens...
see ya.jpg


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Mar 28, 2011
I've decided to change things up a bit. Haha! I changed the time of our Savi's Workshop reservation. Originally, our various reservations for Sunday, 3/8 were this:

2:30 pm - Oga's Cantina
4:10 pm - Savi's Workshop
7:00 pm - Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dinner package (for later Fantasmic showing)
10:30 pm - Fantasmic!

But...a couple of factors have played into me wanting to change our plans.

  1. the huge unknown factor of ROTR - if we get a boarding group, which boarding group will it be, will we end up getting on the ride late in the evening? And if we essentially have what amounts to FOUR scheduled/pre-organized "things" throughout the day and if ROTR ends up at same time as Hungry Bear and/or Fantasmic, then we are out of luck on one of those.
  2. This trip is primarily about Galaxy's Edge and I'm trying to cram too much into two days. We need to have the ability to change our plans easily, tour the parks in a more fluid way. Therefore, that eliminates Fantasmic or a Fantasmic dinner package altogether.
As a result, I have CANCELLED our Hungry Bear reservation!
AND I moved the Savi's Workshop reservation to 10:10 pm, with a check in time of 9:55 pm.

You know what this means?
It means we'll get some really awesome photo pass pictures in front of the Millennium Falcon with our lightsabers!
It'll mean that if we need to switch around our plans based on ROTR, we will be able to do that.
It'll also mean that we'll have way better chances of seeing the new parade at 3:30 or 6:00 pm.


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Mar 28, 2011
Over the past few years, I've gradually been collecting various Disney-related things to hang on the wall. Two years ago, we moved and were in an apartment for about a year before we moved into the house we're in all of my fun Disney art work was packed in boxes! Finally, after being in this house a year already, I got my act together and put a bunch of it up on the wall in our family room.

Just for grins and giggles, I thought I'd share some of this cool stuff with all of you. Here goes!

This first one is a photo of an R2-D2 that a Hopi Native American artist did with an engineer friend of his. The engineer put R2-D2 together, got him working, able to move around and make the normal R2-D2 noises...and the Hopi artist PAINTED everything that you see on R2-D2. This R2-D2 is currently in a Star Wars-themed Native American art exhibit at a museum in Flagstaff, Arizona. The exhibit runs through March. Pretty cool!


Then there's this! My sister got me this print for Christmas. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite rides. It never gets old. On one Disneyland trip, we rode on it 3 times in a row during Fantasmic! That was a pretty awesome day.

Right below that, I have our Haunted Mansion sign finally up on the wall. I've had this thing for 3 YEARS and only just now hung it up! Part of the bottom chipped off because dumb dumb here dropped it!


Last one for this evening...this Main Street silhouette portrait of my sister and I when we went to WDW in the late 70s. I'm going to get a silhouette done of my kids on this trip and we'll hang that one underneath this one.


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Mar 28, 2011
Good afternoon, fellow Disneylanders!

Well, the ROTR mega-thread is now up to 165 pages and counting. I learned a couple of new things today:

1. There is no way in heck to change the clock display on my iPhone so it will show HH:MM:SS. It's only HH:MM or an analog display. Frustrating. This is pertinent to getting a ROTR boarding group. So I'm either going to use the Atomic Clock app that I just installed on my iPhone OR I'm going to use the website.

2. There's a bit of technique to being successful in getting a ROTR boarding group. Here's the info I've gathered so far:

  • if driving in, park at Toy Story lot instead of Mickey & Friends, especially on weekends.
  • Once you get your tickets scanned and are in DL, use one of those speed test apps to find a good location with good download speeds.
  • Do a hard restart on your phone. This means power down and then power back on.
  • go to a site like or an app that shows HH:MM:SS to check the timing of your phone
  • 10 min before park opening - relaunch the DL app. Check that your group's tickets are all linked. Verify that all the tickets have been correctly scanned and "activated" for the day by using Max Pass to try and get a FP for something. We'll need to add our 2 friends to my DL app account and our friends will have to do the same vice versa.
  • 5 min before park opening - turn off Bluetooth. Turn off Wifi. Do a hard close on ALL your phone apps EXCEPT for the DL app and whatever time-related app you're going to use.
  • 30 sec before park opening - watch the time on your phone
  • 10 sec before park opening - do a count down
  • 5 sec before park opening - switch to the DL app on your phone
  • 0 sec before park opening - click the "Find Out More" button in the DL app.
My DH and kids are going to think that I'm nuts for making them do all of that, but this general method appears to have been used by several DIS'ers in multiple times over the 2 weeks that ROTR has been open and people seem to be pretty successful doing it this way.

Of course, DL could decide to eliminate the boarding group method before we get to DL in 6 weeks. But something tells me that won't be the case. I DO think there's a possibility that MFSR will have FP enabled by then.


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Jul 27, 2019
Totally loving your PTR so far! You have me reevaluating my park bag again. I think I've added an item here and an item there over the past year to the point that it's turning into a black hole. It doesn't help that it stays packed for the parks all the time in case I have a friend driving down to the OC that will let me tag along! Love your pins and park memorabilia. And the memes are hilarious, especially the AP freeway exit :rotfl2:


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Mar 28, 2011
Last night, I watched this Fresh Baked video...

And then my mind was off to the races. I thought, "ACK! What if we get into a situation like that on Sunday morning?! All of that effort to get there early and not make it in before 8:00?" And then I thought, "THIS is why we usually just stay right across the street on Harbor Blvd." Another YouTube vlogger also reported similar parking problems this past weekend. Hope springs eternal, so I'm hoping that maybe by the time March comes around, some of the hard core AP folks who live near DL will have gotten some of their initial ROTR fix taken care of.

So this morning, I called Disneyland to ask them. I had a hard time finding info on their website for when exactly the parking lots all open.

What time do the Mickey & Friends and Toy Story parking lots/garages open on a Sunday? 90 minutes before park opening. So if park opening is 8:00, parking lots & garages all open at 6:30 am. At least, that's what the CM said. After that phone call, I hunted again on the Disneyland website and on, it says "Parking locations for the theme parks open 90 minutes prior to the earliest Disneyland Resort theme park opening time." It no longer says that only M&F opens 90 minutes before and Toy Story lot opens 1 hour before. They're apparently ALL 90 min before now.

Ok, so that's a bit of a relief because after seeing some of the video from last weekend on YouTube and hearing/reading people's reports of M&F parking woes, I am a little skittish to try for M&F.

Therefore, with the Toy Story lot opening at 6:30 am, what time should we leave Fontana on Sunday morning? My target time to get into the Esplanade would be 7:00 - 7:15 am. My family is going to hate me for this. But this is seriously the only way we'll have a chance of getting a ROTR boarding group. If we luck out and get a BG for Sunday, then maybe we'll sleep in a little bit on Tuesday and not leave at 5:00 am for the DL parking lots. LOL!

Here's what Google Maps recommends:
I plugged in a target arrival time of 6:30 am...
  • 5:35 am - leave Fontana. Drive should be 40-55 minutes
  • 6:30 am - arrive at Toy Story lot
Then according to the Fresh Baked video above, if parking at the Toy Story lot, one should probably allot for 30-40 min from getting into the lot to getting in line at the Esplanade. That would work out pretty well for the targeted time that I want to get to the Esplanade. If the traffic is minimal from Fontana and the drive only takes 40 min instead of 55 minutes, then we'll just be 1 of the first cars in line to park at the Toy Story lot.

There are 3 freeway routes to choose from:
  1. I-10 west --> 57 south -->Orangewood Ave exit -->right on Orangewood Ave --> right on Harbor Blvd. 40-55 min
  2. 60 west --> 57 south --> Orangewood Ave. 40-55 min.
  3. 60 west --> 15 south -->91 west -->57 south -->Orangewood Ave. 40-55 min. We've driven this route before and I totally hate the part where you're on the 91.
On Tuesday, we'll be battling it out with rush hour traffic as well...there's a stretch of the 91 that is ugly during rush hour, so we'd avoid going that route. The other 2 routes look like they'll take the same amount of time (1 hr 5 min - 2 hr). If we left at 5 am, we might get there at 6 or we might get there at 7, based on how traffic is. I just don't now. If we leave at 5:15 am, that gets us to the Toy Story lot in the 7:25 time frame, so I'm not sure if we'd actually make it inside the park by 8 am.

Waiting until 6:00 am on Tuesday to leave Fontana? Google Maps has a drive time of 1 hr, 10 min to 2.5 hr, with an arrival time of 8:30 am. We'll have to play it by ear to see what everybody feels up to doing.


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Mar 28, 2011
I played along at home this morning to test out the steps I posted above (which I shamelessly stole from the ROTR mega-thread). I was on wifi at home (forgot to turn that off), so I'll try again this weekend. My phone is an old iPhone 6s. I noticed that it took awhile for the DL app to open, so I might do the mental countdown starting at 15 sec before instead of 10 sec before.

Anyway, when the app was finally opened, it was 8:00 DL time, so I clicked on the "Find Out More" button and I got this screen:


You see the "Join Boarding Group" is highlighted in red? You click that button. Again, I was doing this from home. Didn't have any tickets linked nor was I doing this for anyone who's in the parks today. So this is what showed up next:


If I was doing this in the parks, I kind of would have been screwed at this point because you REALLY need ALL of the tickets/passes linked in the app BEFORE OFFICIAL PARK OPENING TIME. Otherwise, you will probably NOT get a boarding group. It's also important to remember that the DEFAULT setting in the DL app is it will AUTOMATICALLY select ALL of the tickets you've linked in the app. This is critical because if there is ANYBODY out of that group who are NOT in the park yet, then this will DELAY you getting a boarding group. Why? You will have to un-click their name.

Yes, seconds really do appear to count!

At this point, I couldn't go any further, so I clicked the back button to go to the previous screen and this showed up:


One might think, "OMG! All of the boarding groups are full!" They might not be yet. Don't give up hope. Now, you're supposed to click the "My Status" button. When I did that, this screen appeared:


And then you'd link the tickets if you hadn't done so already. Or ideally all of your tickets were linked and activated before hand, in which case, all of their names (including yours) would appear here and you'd click the "Join Boarding Group" button.

THEN just for fun, I again clicked the back button at the top left of the screen, which took me back here:


Interesting, isn't it, that NOW the "Join Boarding Group" button is highlighted again in red. This morning (a Wednesday), it looks like the regular boarding groups (i.e., the "you're guaranteed to get on the ride today") went very quickly, but the backup boarding groups took awhile longer to distribute. I think that's why this button lit up again.
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    Mar 28, 2011
    So now it's almost an hour after the park opened and I went into the DL app again just to see what's up. From what the app says, they're not boarding any groups yet. BUT they're still handing out boarding groups! Wow, what a difference a week day can make! Take a look:

    When I clicked on "Join Boarding Group," the following screen appeared. So this is the message you'll get if you're being assigned a backup boarding group.


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    Mar 28, 2011
    Hooray! I bought 3 of our 4 DL tickets today. 2-day 1-park-per-day tickets. And I also bought two 1-day parking tickets ($25 each). Have to squirrel away a few extra bucks to purchase ticket #4. I'm relieved right now, though, because at least if they raise ticket prices this weekend, I'll have purchased almost all of our tickets already.

    Chatted on the phone this evening w/Friend 1 and Friend 2. They said that the lay out at the Toy Story lot seems different from a couple of weeks ago. There's now a whole Toy Story "transportation center." I know that bathrooms were put in there recently. And Disney took part of a CM lot right next door and basically added that to the Toy Story lot.


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    Mar 28, 2011
    Okay Disneylanders, I have some news and status updates for you with regards to my trip planning! This is interesting.

    So you know how late last night, I posted about buying 3 of our 4 Disneyland tickets for our March trip? And I bought two 1-day parking tickets, too. Well, when it comes to getting a ROTR boarding group, buying the parking ahead of time was dumb. Why? I'll explain.

    I "played along at home" this morning again. Of course, I did forget to turn off Wifi. But I turned off Bluetooth and hard closed everything except for the Atomic Clock app, which I had open to keep an eye on the time. 15 sec before 9:00 am DL time, I opened the DL app. Then clicked the "Find Out More" button. And then on the screen after that, "Join Boarding Group" was grayed out...not red like you'd want it to be.

    Ok, no problem, so I went back 1 screen and then click on the "My Status" button. Same thing. "Join Boarding Group" was grayed out. Tried again...same thing. Dang it. So then I hard closed the app altogether and went in to open it. Clicked on "Find Out More" and THEN the screen had "Join Boarding Group" in red. YAY!

    After that, something like the following screenshot below popped up. Only, the "tickets" ending in "ID ending 2965" and the one below it were at the top of the "Your Party" list and all 5 of those had the green check boxes selected. You know what that meant? The DL app automatically included the PARKING TICKETS in our "party." I had to UNCHECK the two parking tickets. The other 3 tickets had our names next to them (which I've blocked out in blue).

    This was stupid of me. I should have known better. Just should have brought cash with me AH! Dang it. You know what this means? Now I need to train my kids in making sure to uncheck the two parking tickets. Or if we're lucky, only ONE parking ticket will show up because we will have used the other parking ticket that morning to park in the Toy Story lot. Hope springs eternal, right? LOL


    Anyway, Unchecking the 2 parking tickets didn't take that long but it was an extra step. If you're not bringing your A game and you take forever to do all of this, then you'll be out of luck. Hence, my need to "train" my kids in what to do beforehand because the day OF, Mama ain't gonna be holdin' your hand in the clickety click thingy kiddos!

    So after I clicked the blue "Join Boarding Group" button that you see there, I got this screen:


    So the app knew that we hadn't scanned our tickets in the park yet that morning. As a result, I could go no further at this point.

    LESSON LEARNED! You know what I'm going to do? Make sure that when DH downloads the app to his phone, he does NOT use MY DL account to login to the app. He'll use his own DL account and THAT will NOT have the two parking tickets linked on it. THEN when we are scanned into the park that morning, we will ONLY link our 4 park tickets into his DL app...NOT the 2 parking tickets as well. My iPhone is a sad 6s. DH's is an 8. So if phone speed has anything to do with it, maybe he'll end up being the one snagging the boarding group for all of us. We shall see!


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    Mar 28, 2011
    Today (Superbowl Sunday) the ROTR guaranteed boarding groups were gone in a minute! I played along at home this morning and made sure to turn off WiFi this time. It took a tad longer than it has before (when I had WiFi on) to get to the 2nd screen (i.e., the screen that shows up after you click on 'Find Out More').

    I went in right at 8:00 am DL time and the Join Boarding Group button was grayed out, so I clicked "My Status" instead and was then able to select Join Boarding Group. No idea what BG I wouldn't have gotten, of course, because we weren't actually in the park today.

    Also, on the ROTR mega-thread this morning, somebody reported that at 6:15 am, there were cars lined up on Harbor Blvd waiting to get into the Toy Story lot when it opened at 6:30 am. Yikes! So the word has gotten out!

    Now I'm rethinking us getting to the Toy Story lot at 6:30.

    Ok, so let's just put that on the mental back burner for a sec because I want to tell all of you guys how nice it is to have this new Loop 202 freeway extension open! We live in AZ. And on past trips, we'd have to drive on I-10 through the middle of downtown Phoenix. That can be a drag if you're having to do it in the middle of morning or evening rush hour traffic. there's this new section of the 202 freeway which totally bypasses downtown Phoenix entirely! We went on it over Christmas because we went to southern CA to spend Christmas with friends (same friends we're going on this DL trip with).
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    Mar 28, 2011
    With the pic that Wonkakid just posted at’s-finally-happened-lines-all-the-way-to-dca.3789998/, it solidifies the need for us to be at the parking lot right when it opens at 6:30 am.

    So not getting off the freeway at 6:30.
    Already in line to park at 6:30.

    Therefore, according to Google Maps, it can take 40-55 min to drive from Fontana to the Toy Story lot. Google Maps says that we should leave Fontana at 5:20 am. If it takes only 40 min to get there, then we're at the Toy Story lot at 6 am...30 min early for the lot opening at 6:30. But we'd probably be 1st in line.

    Or leave at 5:30 am and get to the lot by 6:25 (if it takes 55 min to get there).

    I know I'm over thinking this. :rotfl: It's like planning the D Day invasion of Normandy just to get a boarding group for ONE RIDE! HAHAHA!! It's really funny when you think about it. After mulling it over in my head for a bit, here's what I've decided:
    • we'll target 5:20 am as the departure time.
    • DH & kids will be dragging, so we will probably end up leaving at 5:30 am.
    • DH will want to stop for coffee, in which case I will bark at him, "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" Seinfeld-style. Dude...that's what the coffee will be for at our friends' house! NO STARBUCKS UNTIL WE GET INTO DL!
    • DH will need 30 min to drag his butt out of bed, be showered, dressed, and ready to go. This means I need to wake him up at 4:45 am.
    • in turn, this means that I need to be up at 4:30 am so I can shower, get dressed, and be ready to rock and roll. I'm going to eat a granola bar in the car for breakfast.
    • Kids will probably need 20 min to get dressed, go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, and be ready to go. Their breakfast of champions will be OJ or chocolate milk and bacon...IN THE CAR! Hahaha.


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    Mar 28, 2011
    Another option is we just forget about getting up before the crack of dawn and instead aim to get to the Toy Story lot at 7:30 am, which would mean leaving Fontana at 6:30 am. And, thus, just have the goal for the day to enjoy the rest of Galaxy's Edge.

    AH! So many choices.


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    Mar 28, 2011
    Give me a day or two or a few hours and the plans change as more info comes in. :rotfl2:

    The kids REALLY DO NOT WANT to NOT try to get a ROTR boarding group. DH doesn't care because he's tired of me talking about DL. :banana: But I know my DH and I know that once he actually gets on the ride, he's going to be totally blown away.

    So here's the newly revised plan for getting us into the park before 8:00 am on Sunday 3/8:

    • 5:10 am - leave Fontana. Take Hwy 60 west --> Hwy 57 S --> Ball Rd exit. Then Ball Rd --> Harbor Blvd.
    • 6:10 am - drop off DH & kids at the Harbor Blvd guest drop off & pick up area (see map screen shot below).
    • after that - I drive to Toy Story lot to park the car. 5 min drive to the Toy Story lot.
    • 6:30 am - Toy Story lot opens. So I'll have to hang out and wait with everybody else waiting to park their cars in the Toy Story lot. Park car, get on bus to Esplanade.
    • I think I'll probably get to the Esplanade by 7:00 am.
    Reports from DL this morning said that by 7:15 am, the lines in the Esplanade were starting to wrap around and it was insane. I'm not even going to attempt to park in Mickey & Friends.


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    Mar 28, 2011
    A hilarious thing happened this evening. During dinner, we were talking about our game plan for Sunday 3/8. I'm Buzz. DH is Woody. :rotfl2:


    This is pretty much how the conversation went. It's pretty funny...

    me: So, we're going to have to leave Friends' house by 5:15 am.
    DH: Um...what?
    me: 5:15. So we can get to the Harbor Blvd guest drop off by about 6:00-6:15.
    DH: Okay....?
    me: I'll even drive. All you have to do is sleep in the car on the way there.
    DH: Um...ok...
    me: I'll do whatever you want.
    DH: Anything?
    me: I'll give you breakfast in bed. You want 2 mugs of coffee? I'll make that, too.
    DH: So you'll do anything...
    me: You don't even have to shower that morning.
    DH: Hm....
    me: Just put on clean clothes, brush your teeth, and get in the car and go to sleep.
    DH: So if I get in the car by 5:15 am, you'll do anything?
    me: Yeah
    DH: So in order for you to do ANYTHING for me, I have to be ready to go at 5:15 in the morning?
    me: Pretty much, yes.
    DH: (big grin)
    me: Oh...and I'll be dropping you off at the guest drop off on Harbor Blvd at 6-6:15. You'll be taking the kids with you. And then I'm parking in the Toy Story lot and I'll meet you in line at the Esplanade.
    DH: So...anything?
    me: HAHA! I'll even drive home at the end of the night. You can sleep on the drive home, too.
    DH: Ok, that sounds good.
    me: The kids are totally on board with this, by the way.
    DH: So you ran this by them first? That's not fair.
    me: (big grin)


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    Mar 28, 2011
    This is what the kids faces looked like earlier this week when I told them about us getting out the door super duper early for DL:

    angry yoda.jpg

    And then I gave them some additional news and it turned into this...
    happy yoda.jpg


    Actually, my name is Sara. It's a long, VMK story.
    Jul 22, 2005
    Sounds like you have your plans in order! I have no doubt that you will have success getting your boarding group!! Are they still saying AT&T is the most problematic carrier? I forgot you already said what service you use...


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    Mar 28, 2011
    Sounds like you have your plans in order! I have no doubt that you will have success getting your boarding group!! Are they still saying AT&T is the most problematic carrier? I forgot you already said what service you use...
    I'm not sure because we use Sprint, but I think that I've read that people have had better success recently than a couple of weeks ago.


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    Mar 28, 2011
    So DL raised their ticket prices today. On a weekday! Lots of times in the past, they do it on a Saturday night and the new ticket prices show up on a Sunday. Not this time!

    ticket no.jpg

    We've purchased 3 out of the 4 tickets we need for our trip. They are 2-day 1-park-per-day tickets with Max Pass. The Max Pass was $15/day per person, so that's $30 total per person over 2 days. With this new price increase, the cost of a 2-day 1-park-per-day ticket with Max Pass is $275. Yesterday, the price was $255. So it's gone up by $20.

    This is frustrating. It was in the cards, but it's still frustrating. I'm going to see if we can still get the old ticket price on ******************'s website this evening.

    Every year, they raise ticket prices. For the past couple of years, the ticket price increase has been in the latter half of January. I think that Disney wanted to see how park guest attendance changed with the Rise of the Resistance ride opening on 1/17.

    So here's where my head is right now about Max Pass....random thoughts in no particular order:

    1. When Max Pass first debuted and it was $10/day per person, that was a good price. We totally got our money's worth and happily paid it.
    2. We went twice when it was $15/day per person. Didn't like the price increase because with 4 people it adds up. $60/day extra instead of $40/day extra. Over 3 days, that's $180 instead of $120. However, when we've paid for Max Pass, we are heavy users of it. The convenience of not having to run across the park has been great.
    3. BUT...
    4. now it's $20/day?! So now for a family of 4, it's $80 extra per day instead of $60. $160 extra for a 2 day trip instead of $120.
    5. Dang, that now feels like a lot. And if you're going on a 3-day trip to DL, then Max Pass for all 3 days amounts to an extra $240.
    6. DUUUUDE! That feels like a lot.
    7. So after this trip, maybe we'll only pay for Max Pass for ONE day instead of every day.
    8. And on the non-Max Pass days, we'll go back to the old Fast Pass runner thing that I did a couple of years ago.


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    Mar 28, 2011
    Good morning, fellow Disneylanders!

    I'm happy to report that this morning, we broke down and finally bought the 4th and last ticket we need for our March trip. As of this morning (Thursday 2/13), ****************** still had some Disneyland tickets available at the old price. So I paid $250 for a 2-day 1-park-per-day ticket with 2 days of Max Pass. The current price on Disneyland's website for that same ticket is now $275. Eek!

    baby yoda.jpg

    About 4 or 5 years ago, I bought discounted tickets from aRes Travel. I'm not sure if aRes Travel is still doing things the same way they were back then, but at the time, the ticket pick up process was frustrating. aRes Travel **said** that they were electronic tickets. But they really weren't. You had to go to the ticket booth with a print out of your aRes emailed receipt. And then it took about 20 minutes for the ticket booth CM to actually FIND our tickets in their system and print them out for us. On top of it, the line at the ticket booth was kind of long. We probably waited in line about 30 minutes. So it took almost an hour to actually pick up the tickets. All just to save a few bucks per ticket. Ever since then, we've just bought our tickets directly from Disneyland's website because I didn't want to hassle with any of that ever again!

    However, on Disboards, people have said that with the ****************** tickets, they are the same as Disneyland electronic tickets and the bar-coded receipt you get via email, you can use to scan the ticket into the Disneyland app on your phone and, thus, avoid spending time in line at the ticket booth. So I'm giving that a shot for DH's ticket. We'll see how it goes!

    I'm glad that we have the ticket thing out of the way. I've pre-purchased our parking tickets, too. So that expense is already dealt with.