Welcome to the DIS Boards!!


Earning My Ears
Mar 19, 2013
Excited to have found this! We are longtime WDW AP and first time cruisers this fall. Always looking for more info/tips.

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I would like to add my welcome to those people new to the DIS boards. You will find a wealth of information here. It is the most current and up date information you could receive. Every day you have people returning from their trips from WDW and report what they encountered.

Don't be shy and lurk. Join in the fun and soon you will be hooked like the rest of us! :) :)

Welcome to the DIS Boards.

Cindy's Friend

Earning My Ears
Apr 5, 2020
Hello Everyone,
New to Disboards, but have been to WDW fairly often. First trip was March '72 with my parents and brand new DH.
Fast Forward and our next trip is December '22. I'm so looking forward to following along on these forums!
Have a sparkling day!


Earning My Ears
Sep 15, 2021
Hey Everyone!

Super excited to have found DIS Boards! I'm working on planning my upcoming runDIsney trip in November! It's so different planning a trip now, especially being Canadian!

Looking forward to learning lots from all the Disney experts on these forms!

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