What restaurants won’t you go to again?


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Mar 24, 2009
Which Wolf Gang Pucks? The original table service on the lake or the new one. The original one was actually run by Levy Restaurants and there were several reports where Wolfgang would show and was not pleased.

The new Wolfgang's is actually run by one of his companies. We have tried it once and enjoyed our meal.
We were at the quick service spot two years ago January. The spaghetti my husband ordered the sauce was terrible and I’m no gourmet cook! DGS chicken tenders were so hard that he couldn’t chew it even when I cut it up! We were on the dining plan that year and it’s hard for me to find QS that my husband will eat so I thought that would be a good use of the credit. But it taught me not to do the dining plan because I think we paid out of pocket for table service meals and lost some QS. We’ve done WGP sit down in Vegas and it was good.

Leigh L

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Oct 8, 2019
We love many of the restaurants at WDW but our one and done's are:

O'hana breakfast (food was meh to us but Stitch was awesome - so maybe again...someday)
Restaurant Marrakesh - so-so service and the food was just OK. (We love Tangeriene Cafe, so we went back there on the next trip instead.)
Le Cellier - DH HATED his meal. Said Texas Roadhouse was better. I only ordered apps and mine was OK.


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Apr 24, 2018
Le Cellier - It’s really expensive and my one any only experience was really bad. The food wasn’t great, the service was painfully slow, the room was super dark and the tables were cramped. Maybe they’ll change their ways, but it’s just too much money and there are too many other places in Epcot for me to even think about it.

Biergarten - I enjoyed the atmosphere, but the buffet wasn’t my favorite. I think it may be that I don’t really like German food.

Mobile Ordering - The one and only time that I used mobile ordering I got an error and it said that the system was down when I clicked submit. So I went through the line and paid for my food. A few hours later I got an email saying that I was charged anyway. My lunch wasn’t good and it took forever to get the issue resolved at guest services. I was treated very coldly and I didn’t even get an apology.


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Feb 14, 2009
So this probably isn't fair cuz it was ten years ago but when we went to 'Ohana, they were serving turkey meat on the skewers and it smelled and tasted really bad...my boys who were in middle school at the time were convinced it was "rhino meat"...as we plan our return trip after ten years, both sons asked "We're not going to the place that served the rhino meat are we?"...haha...we did actually like everything else there though but I don't dare book it again and we have too many new places to try...

WIll C

May 19, 2018
For us, the no-returns are:

1. Diamond Horseshoe - First off, my wife didn't like the way it was served. Pig-slop style as she puts it, all in one plate at the table. Food was mediocre and cold. The wait staff was poor to terrible.
2. O'hana (breakfast) - Same food style as DH above. Didn't care for it. Too big and crowded. Took forever to get food and longer to get more. Waitress was awesome but it was just too much to deal with. We were there over an hour and only saw one or two characters.
3. 1900 PF (dinner) - The buffet wasn't great and we seemed far too packed in. I liked Crystal Palace better. Characters were fun at 1900 but not worth going back to.
4. Akershus (lunch) - I'm happy were were on the dining plan when we went as the price was way too high (even for being a character lunch). Food was mediocre to bad. The good is the access to the Princesses. I'd suggest it just for that but don't bother again.

We're big buffet fans and the other ones we have tried are all high on our list to return to (Biergarten, Cape May (Breakfast), The Wave (breakfast), Crystal Palace).

Tony's was mediocre but we'd return. My dinner was fine, my wife's was not but they were very helpful and accommodating.
Plaza for dinner was OK and I'd go back.
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    Mar 14, 2002
    We were at the quick service spot two years ago January. The spaghetti my husband ordered the sauce was terrible and I’m no gourmet cook! DGS chicken tenders were so hard that he couldn’t chew it even when I cut it up! We were on the dining plan that year and it’s hard for me to find QS that my husband will eat so I thought that would be a good use of the credit. But it taught me not to do the dining plan because I think we paid out of pocket for table service meals and lost some QS. We’ve done WGP sit down in Vegas and it was good.
    Thanks for your feedback. You might want to try the new WGP table service at Disney Springs


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    Sep 17, 2005
    I never say never, but there are several restaurants my extended family feels no inclination to go back to any time soon:

    Boathouse (mediocre food, loud shouty customers AND staff, chaotic atmosphere at check in and in the dining area, disappearing wait staff, extremely tight seating)

    Tutto Italia (meh food, absent wait staff when the restaurant was over half empty during lunch hours)

    Garden Grill breakfast (great staff, but seating at the large booths sucks, greasy off tasting sausage, hard/dry scrambled eggs, anemic character interaction)

    Kona (some of our dishes were really good, but some were horrible, uneven service, don’t like the atmosphere)

    Fountain (we had better burgers at QS in the parks, uninterested wait staff during our visit)

    Looking at the above list and remembering our experiences, what stands out most for most of them is the terrible service combined with food that was OK to barely OK. The only one where service was decent was at Garden Grill, but the overcooked/greasy food and the indifferent character interaction tipped the scales.


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    Oct 31, 2019
    Woody's Lunchbox (hotter than the sun, no shade, fight for a seat to eat flavourless food).
    Agreed. SO hot, I feel like I’m melting like a plastic toy in direct sunlight! The food is ok, but it just doesn’t feel worth it with the heat and lack of seats.

    These will be incredibly unpopular answers but if I’m being candid, Yachtsman Steakhouse and Sana’a were completely below par and we’re not particularly fussy people.
    Also agree. Yachtsman was ok, maybe expected too much. Sanaa was the biggest disappointment of my last trip. Again, maybe it’s the expectation after hearing so many good things that sets you up for disappointment. Bread service was fine, but not worth the hype for me.
  • Trinity88

    May 17, 2010
    We've had so many different experiences than what I'm seeing posted here. We loved Coral Reef - but we had a great table and server and the food was good. We also loved Ohanas - we weren't rushed, food was good, and service was good.

    As for ones we won't do again, there aren't very many and the ones on my list are more personal preference than a bad experience:

    Biergarten - it was a late-ish ADR and the food wasn't to our tastes. We did enjoy the entertainment, but wouldn't return for the food.

    Akershus dinner - just didn't love the food. We do love their breakfast though.

    We are trying a few new to us places on our next trip that are on peoples "never again" list (Le Cellier, Tonys), but I figure it's worth a try. Hopefully we don't add too many more to our never again list!


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    Oct 20, 2015
    We've only tried Mama Melrose once, and that was at DH's request to mix things up because we'd tried everything else at HS. Often mentioned as average or below, I went in with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. The food was hot and enjoyable, our server was fine.

    We like Marrakesh too, lol. We went 3 trips in a row and always got the feast, love the mint tea and enjoy the atmospere. Years ago the feast was included in DDP. Now with paying an upcharge alongside credit, maybe not worth it.

    I agree there are better choices overall, but these were good for us.


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    Jul 1, 2016
    Le Cellier. We first went here in 2010, when it was still 1credit for lunch. It was my husband's favourite of the whole trip, so we went again in 2011, still good. We went, for 2 credits in 2017, and it was the worst meal of our trip. The food was SO salty, some of it was inedible, but far worse than that, was the service. Our server wanted us gone. She rushed us through that meal at double time, getting dessert orders while we were eating mains and bringing them AS we finished. Bringing the main before we were done with the starter. The place is cramped, and noisy, and being hurried along as well, with bad food, nope, not going back.

    Pecos Bill's - I think I maybe built it up after the reviews on here, but it was so disappointing, greasy, not good food.

    Chef Mickey's - My autistic son, who generally loves a character meal, could not cope with the noise here at all, and the food was just not good enough to bother even trying again. It was very chaotic.

    I would not say *never* on O'hana, but, it's another we LOVED on first visit, and then, the kids wouldn't eat the food the last time.
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    Sep 17, 2019
    I think every place on this list are good for someone. Sometimes I look at what other people say about a restaurant that I like and it makes me think that maybe I am just too simple and take what I am given like my momma said I had too lol.
    Agreed! Lots of votes for Coral Reef on here and we had a great time at Coral Reef. T-Rex is pretty widely panned but we've made repeat reservations there too. It would be interesting to see which restaurant gets the most votes on both the favorites and never again threads. I'd imagine it would be a place like Le Cellier, but Ohana gets a lot of love from others too.


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    Feb 21, 2002
    I have to give T-Rex a recent shout out.

    My brother took my mom and his family here 2 weeks ago. My mom is currently undergoing chemo for late stage cancer (multiple myeloma) AND is on dialysis, so she has acres of food restrictions in both types and quantities. When my mom mentioned this, the waitress sat right down with my mom and chatted with what she could and couldn't eat, and how (as one example, my mom said she can have a small steak cooked plain with just a little salt and pepper - the waitress said don't trust the chef with salt and do it yourself at the table - that worked great). My mom had a great meal of low salt/pepper grilled steak (portioned as requested) and specially-made coleslaw. And my brother's family got the fun of T-Rex.

    And my mom came home, felt fine, and her numbers were fine heading into dialysis Monday...so they did a great job working with a tough customer, and making everyone happy:). Not sure what my mom's dish ended up costing, but she didn't care - she was just so happy to be able to join my brother for the downtown Disney Santa visit (and being able to eat during the 4 hour wait was priceless for her and her health).


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    Jul 2, 2010
    Rain Forest - THE WORST service I've had in any restaurant, Disney or otherwise, EVER. Here's my review you can find on allears.net from 2015;
    We dined here on 4/9/2015. We arrived-time for a 5:00p reservation for 9 people, including 4 adults, 4 kids and a toddler. We were seated n a reasonable amount of time as we were among the first round of dinner tables for the night. Service initially was pretty good. the waiter brought us our drinks and took orders in a timely manner. It was at that point that things went south. We asked if there were any crackers or bread we could give the toddler as she was getting hungry and cranky. We were told flatly, no, and given no options. The kids all ordered slushy drinks in special cups, and we were told they could have free refills. We later were told that the machine was broken, which was clearly a lie as other diners around us were being brought the same drinks. The food took 90 minutes to arrive at the table - far too long for hungry, tired kids, and a group expecting to make it to EPCOT for Illuminations (keep in mind, our reservation was for 5:00p). Once we got our food, the waiter was impossible to find. He finally arrived back at our table to take dessert orders, and told us that if we wanted a Volcano, it would count as dessert for the entire table (8 credits on the meal plan ?!?). We commented on the fact that we had been in the restaurant for now over 2 hours, and we needed to go, so he offered to box up our desserts "to go". This amounted to chocolate cake for the adults and pudding for the kids, in Styrofoam containers (!). The cake was fine, but the pudding was an impossible mess. One of our party wanted ice cream with the cake, which he gave us, also in Styrofoam container (wish I was making this up). We were not offered spoons or forks, and he re-ran the receipt to charge us an additional $0.79 for the ice cream. Can you imagine the mess?

    AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!! Stick with the Disney run restaurants - you'll be much happier in the end.


    Jul 24, 2019
    Be Our Guest (dinner) - way over priced for mediocre, bland food. We tried a second time last week and it was as bad as the first time we went. Never again.


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    Jul 24, 2013
    It's funny because so many that I love are on people's lists. Honestly, I wouldn't say there is anywhere I would never go back to. Some places have been better than others and certainly some have been underwhelming but I've never had a disastrous meal, and sometimes I can consider something a fluke. There are some places I would be less enthused about going back to, but I still would. It's one meal, right?