will parades cancel if wet, but not raining?


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May 20, 2008
I can't remember...it's raining, but supposed to stop by 6. I'm sure it will still be wet though. Will the parade be cancelled? We currently have dinner reservations so we can catch the parade after, but I'd try to change it if the parade is likely to be cancelled.


Jul 23, 2012
You can ask CMs at an Information Kiosk if it looks too wet for the parade or if there are plans to go ahead as scheduled. If it isn't raining, but the ground is too slippery for performers, they may run a cavalcade, i.e. characters riding in the Main Street vehicles on the parade route.


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Oct 25, 2015
I've been to parades when the rain has stopped and the ground is still wet. There usually isn't any dancing. The dancers will walk by and wave at everyone. The floats will still go.


Aug 7, 2016
when I was there on nov 19th we were in the plaza inn reserved section I got there around 5:30 for 6pm parade. it started to sprinkle and light rain for 10 minutes. about 5 min before a cm came by and said even though the rain had stopped the parade might be cancelled or it might be abbreviated. The parade went on but I think the dancers might have been missing there seemed to be big gaps between the floats, iwas just happy it went on. There was a lot of rain so any significant rain I think it would be cancelled


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May 12, 2018
Last Wednesday was pretty wet all day but the rain stopped about 1h maybe 2h (can’t quite remember) before the 3:30 parade. I wasn’t sure it would be running but just tried. I showed up at about 3:25 or so. The ground was definitely still wet but they presented the regular parade. (But I think they checked the wind conditions right before the start... at least that’s what it looked like...) I was viewing from the hub/ beginning of main street and it started to sprinkle a bit when the last float was just in sight...but I think they were able to just finish it. (At least I got to see all of the regular parade)
But I think the second parade of that day was canceled as well as F! (They didn’t even distributed FP that day) but they showed the fireworks!