You know I'm a squirrel guy...


I don't always get distracted but whe...SQUIRREL!
Jul 8, 2009
I wish I could get video of the one that teases our dog. How that squirrel knows she can make it from one tree to the other before our dog gets her is amazing. And makes for an angry dog ha.
My father's beagle does nothing to the squirrels in the fenced in back yard. There are 3-4 of them that run all over the yard and dog just stays there. If you let her out of the yard, she'll chase every squirrel she sees. :confused3


They're more like guidelines than actual rules
Mar 5, 2015
I wish I could get video of the one that teases our dog.
When we were at are old house, the neighbor had a wonderful, gentle greyhound rescue.
One day I noticed purpleish stuff on the dogs face and head.
After some investigation, turns out the local squirrel population were eating, and then dispersing, the mulberries on the poor dog
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    Feb 4, 2016
    With the closing of Ft W and all Disney resorts the local Chapter of the NSS will be hard pressed for their usual sources of tasty snacks and will be forced to rely on their emergency stores and tribute for the Grand High and Exalted Poohbah's tribute. To make up for the resulting shortages we can all assume they will use this time to undergo highly advanced and extreme training .

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